Monday, December 26, 2016

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Peruvian

The sombrero is due to a bad hair cut.
Dear everyone,

So, my new companion got here this morning around 7. His name is Elder Mischa (mees-cha). He is from Peru. He seems pretty cool. So far, he is a breath of fresh air for me.

Kind of like yesterday, I really don't know what to talk about. This week was slow and Christmas is pretty crazy around here. This week will probably be kind of slow as well, but we are going to go looking for new investigaters. I really like getting a new start in any part of life, but companion changes are almost always a nice adventure. I'm probably going to miss how Elder Zegarra cleans though.

I hope  you all had a nice christmas time, never forget what the Lord has done for every one of you. He loves you all and something I read recently rang true to me: "the kind of prayers that always recieve answers are sincere prayers for spiritual renewal". Sometimes we get caught up in the stress of the world and forget to just ask the Lord to take control for a second and help you feel better. I don't know if it makes much sense to you, but I sure like the concept. I'm going to try that more in my life.

Thanks for the package mom!  Say thanks to Grandma gay as well. We are enjoying some american candy for a change. I really like the book about being a wholehearted missionary. I've read about half now.

Love you all!

Elder King

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dear Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your respective Christmas festivities. Just remember to think about the Savior en every minute of this wonderful season. So we had our big Christmas activity this last wednesday. They didn't bring packages but promised to send them this week. So, my christmas will probably fall in March haha.

We worked a bit more on the house last tuesday. Tile grout and sweeping. Made me miss home projects a bit. Other news, I rolled my ankle and scraped my knees in the Christmas activity, so it's been a bit difficult to get around town these days. But don't worry, it's healing up just great with my knowledge of first aid. Picture below.

Leonardo is really good about reading but he is fixing up a drug problem and as such he takes really strong sleeping pills and doesn't get up on time to get to church. The Suarez family is reading (slowly) and haven't gone to church yet. So with some luck, one or two baptisms this next transfer. Oh, Transfers next week by the way.

So yeah, my second Christmas in the mission will be this week. Can you believe it? I can't. I guess I'll talk to most of you this week. Be ready by 12:30, and we'll probably start at 1:00. It's best on my side to do it as early as possible, because Christmas day is going to be complicated.

Love you all, Merry Chrismas!!

Elder King

Some old friends I found at the Christmas party also included below

Elder Peterson and Elder Rosero

My First Aid Skills
My Sewing Skills
Me and Elder Norrell eating cake

To get into Monteria, you have to go through Purgatory

Monday, December 12, 2016


Dear everyone,
This week was complicated. A lot of stuff to do and not much that got done. After an exchange with Elder Norrell, I got to give a baptismal interview for Omaira. She passed with flying colors and should be getting baptized next week. We had to travel a lot between Planeta, Montelibano, and Monteria and that took away a lot of our time, not to mention it rained buckets on two different days. Companion frustrations continue, investigators drive hopes into the mountains, Members don't understand the doctrine, other complaints. But thankfully, it'll all work out eventually. I don't mean to sound depressed, because I'm feeling fine, but disappointed would define my situation very well. It doesn't help that I found out Nelson and Duvan are less active now and it's christmas time so everyone's either decided to be catholic for a week or stick to the bar day and night.
This next week should bring some rays of sunshine. We will be having a training with President and a Christmas party this wednesday. We should be finding some new investigators this tuesday and the new house is almost done, so I can start that long process of changing houses, for the third time.
Anyway, don't mind my rambling, how are all of you? I hope the season is treating you well, though it may be a bit cold. Stay warm and stay in the gospel, because it sure wouldn't be fun outside, that I can assure you.
Elder king

Monday, December 5, 2016

Crazy Chickens

Dear everyone,
So, the roosters here have mental problems. They started crowing at midnight last night. How's that for an old-school alarm clock failure?
We had more people that came to church yesterday, but unfortunately, even though we went out to pick them up, none of our investigaters made it. Kind of lame. I went on exchanges with Elder Rosero last tuesday. He is a guy from my same mtc group, from Ecuador. You probably don't remember, but he was there last christmas when I called. Also went on exchanges with Elder Weber, from my mtc district. He is my current zone leader, so we got to have a fun time walking around Planeta Rica looking for people to teach. We are probably going to contact a lot this week.
I got just a tad bit homesick watching the chrismas devotional. Temple square looks so pretty and I could faintly remember what it's like to walk around in the cold. I felt the spirit testify through me and it was kind of crazy. I had to tell someone off a bit and I wasn't sure how to do it in a way that wouldn't be mean or just sound like me being a jerk, and the words kind of just came to me. It isn't like any other experience. You feel like you can take on the world. And you really can! When you testify of truth the spirit will work miracles through you, but you have to have the faith to open your mouth and say it. That's how it has worked for me. I still have a lot to learn about testifying openly, but I know that with faith and worthiness, miracles happen. Life and everything else about the plan of salvation is all one big miracle. The Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon are extremely instructive and there are a lot of prophecies in there that are being completed this very moment. Don't ever forget to study!
Can you believe that in nine short months, I'll be on my way home? I can't. Still a lot left to do. Meanwhile, I'll be working
Elder King

Monday, November 28, 2016

Knocking Doors

Dear everyone,

The weeks always go by so fast when you are in a new area. This week we did some more service and we knocked down part of a wall so a family can put a new door in (get it? knocking out doors?). I went on an exchange with Elder Norrell a cool dude from Texas. Had a fun time walking around the only little town further from Monteria than Planeta, the beautiful Montelibano! We worked with a new investigator that has actually been coming to church for two weeks now. His name is Omar and he is already reading and has two lessons. He just needs to get married to his girlfriend, who was a less active member until recently. We went looking for new people, but everyone just says that they are busy and that we come back later. But the mission is focusing a lot on searching with faith and focusing more on investigators than less actives. Which is great and all, but I just barely got the branch council super pumped about working with the less active members. Oh well, I guess we'll balance as best we can.

It feels like I'm still training and I have to do most of the work and teaching myself, but it is also very gratifying when "a plan comes together".  I think that's from A-team but I'm not sure... Anyway, working is fun, the mission is fun, studying is fun and sweating is not. Hahaha not much sympathy from my chilled friends and family in Utah I'm sure, but here, just south of the tropics there isn't much snow. I guess I missed another thansgiving, and I only really remembered because of everyone here talking about how crazy the US is with black friday and all that jazz. Christmas is in about four weeks and I'm trying not to think about it. Drink some hot chocolate and sit by a fire for me. Maybe you could listen to some Nat King Cole and try not to think about how much you miss me! haha just a suggestion.

Love Elder King

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Everyone,
Well, Planeta Rica is going to be a new adventure, to say the least! I'm trying to organize a big effort on part of the less active members. But first we have to get the members excited about it. It will be quite an undertaking, but it'll be fun too. A lot of service and visiting. The members that go to church are cool, I haven't met many of the others. The efforts here before weren't that organized, so I'm basically starting over from scratch (again) and that's frustrating but whatever. I gave a talk this week about missionary work (crazy right?) and home teaching.
A bit more about elder Zegarra, he's a short little fella from Chiclayo Peru. He is 26 and he's a nice guy. The only complaint so far is that he is really spacy, that is to say, he forgets everything. But he's got a good heart.
Planeta isn't as hot as Cerete thankfully and we're in the colder season of the year, so hopefully they transfer me out before "summertime" hits. I imagine they will, seeing as we are in November. It's weird to think that Thanksgiving is coming up. That'll be the second (and last) one that I'll miss! Hooray hooray.
I can't think of anything else to write. Questions? (help)
Love you all
Elder King

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Rich Planet

Me with Elder Rangel and Elder Canchig, my zone leaders from Armenia. I think Elder Robison is in one of them too.

Dear everyone,

Much to everyone's surprise, I've been transferred again! Crazy, right? So it looks like Elder Chipana will have his training finished by someone else. Sad to leave so quickly, I really liked Armenia. But before I tell you the fun news, you have to read about my week. Ha! I don't think you'll be able to handle the suspense. You must all be on the edge of your seats right now... Or just scrolling down to read. Tsk tsk. Anyway, we found eight or so new investigaters in one day when we went to visit an old couple. They are very interested and we taught them the restoration. Now they just have to read and go to church! We taught Giselle and Diana about the word of wisdom and they accepted to try it out. Coffee is the bane of the missionaries in "el eje cafetero" which as far as I can tell means "where they grow all the coffee of the world"

Elder Chipana found out he doesn't need surgery, but he needs to take care of himself and he'll be just fine. Elder Robison is the new district leader for Tres Esquinas. My new zone leader is from my group, Elder Weber. I guess that's all the news for this week... Oh wait, almost forgot the best part!!!

I'm now district leader in Planeta Rica, with Elder Zegarra, a Peruvian from the same group as me! Elder Rosero is also in my district, an Ecuadorian from my group as well. I think there is another North American, Elder Norrell if I remember right. Just us four, which is way easier. I'm back in Monteria. Actually, another little town just outside of Monteria. Back into the oven it seems! Oh well, I forgot how much I liked the food here, even though I just ate half a fish... Travelling back was no fun. I guess the Lord knows I can handle fifteen straight hours of travelling better than other missionaries, because that has been every single transfer for me so far. Maybe that's not it, but anyway, I'll be here for another little while I imagine. I'm still on the lookout for fried cheese stands.

Well, I think thats about all. Any questions? I'll be on for a bit, so go ahead. How's life now that Trump won? I know that's a loaded question, because everyone asks me the same one. Heck, I've been here for a year, I don't know what's going on in the US! Any fun stories you want to tell me, go ahead. I like hearing about your lives.


Elder King

 Brother Ruiz, Elder Chipana, Sister Penagos, Roxanna Ruiz, Me and then in the wheelchair Vanessa Otalvaro. These are members from Armenia

                                        Elder Canchig and Elder Rangel. from left to right

Monday, November 7, 2016

New Stuff

Dear everyone,

So this week we got a new branch and district presidency. The new district president is our old branch president, and our new branch president is the old counselor. Interesting all around and everyone is super excited about the new district president. The old one has been there for nine years. As far as news this week goes, not much happened. Natalie and Jonathan moved into the other area, so that's a bummer for us, but oh well. We spent a good portion of this week dealing with colombian medical system, which is terribly inefficient. My companion still hasn't recieved much official treatment and the diagnosis is pending. It's been impeding the work a bit in this week, but I can't torture the guy. So we'll just wait and see what happens.

I imagine for all of you this will be an interesting week, what with daylight savings and elections on top of your regular daily routines. Just do what is right and let the consequence follow. It all works out if you do what you're supposed to. That's the big struggle, doing what is right. Keep on reading your scriptures, you all know the drill.

Love you all,

Élder King

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Dear everyone,

Another pretty lame week, but there were some highs and lows. So my companion has been sick since Saturday night which kind of complicated our plans. We will probably be visiting the clinic today to see if we can get him all fixed up.  Anywho, Diana and Giselle both committed to keeping the law of chastity, so they are making good progress. They made some Venezuelan food for us yesterday. Best days have food. We had just finished fasting because next week we have district conference here in Armenia. I have no idea how we are going to get people to church next week because it's in Castellana, which is kind of far. No matter, we'll figure it out.

I felt the spirit tell me how much the Lord loves me this week, and I know if you pay attention, you'll all be able to feel it too! It's really kind of crazy, because logically we don't deserve it that much.

We found some really old Liahonas and it's fun reading conference talks from 1995. I really love the prophets from all ages. Their different styles and emphasis intrigue me, and if you take the time, you find really interesting doctrinal statements.

Anyway, Love you all!

Élder King

p.s. my companions sickness is confidential, so don't ask

PSS:  The reason for my title, I don't like Colombian doors. They are all made of metal and they always have a big space underneath. It lets all the water and cockroaches in. The only thing worse is that there isn't carpet anywhere so cleaning is a chore

Monday, October 24, 2016

I Had A Good Title

Dear everyone,

Sorry, I really did, but I forgot it. It was going to be hilarious. Anyway, not much new this week. Gisel and Diana came to church, even though they got there about the end of Sacrament. Gospel Principles was about the Law of Chastity, so that ought to make that principle easier to teach next week. Seems like Gisel might have some problem with that, but she has a great drive to do what is right. Diana just drinks coffee and alcohol every once in a while, but she says she's going to work on it. They are both reading, although very slowly. None of our other families had time to meet with us this week. 

I was a bit down this last Saturday, but I read a talk by Jeffrey R Holland and revamped my attitude. I really don't have too much time to be messing around here and Elder Holland helped me realize that in the way that only he can do. So, don't let life get you down, just keep on swimming I guess! Maybe watch the Pixar short "Boundin'" and let that make you happy. I just finished the war chapters this morning and now just for one of the long spells of iniquity found in the Book of Mormon and I'll be back to the Ministry of Christ in the Americas! Super pumped.

Anyway, halfway done with my tenth transfer, so my shoes are starting to show their complaints.

Love you all!

Élder King

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Digging for Gold Investigaters

Dear everyone,

Sorry for not writing yesterday, but we had a multizone conference all day yesterday. President Calderon is an amazing teacher.

So, this week was really wet but we managed. We're entering wet season in Colombia, so it will probably be like this for a long time. Ate some soup that disagreed with me. Working with an upset stomach isn't much fun, in case you were wondering. We taught the Restoration three times in one day and we have some investigaters that are progressing. Natalie brought her son to church and both she and her husband accepted baptismal dates for December. She is the lady that came up to us in the street last week. We have an appointment with her tonight. We have two new investigaters, Gisel and her friend Paula. Gisel learned about the Church in Venezuela when she was 11 and she already has a testimony. Paula is her friend who is working here to support her son back in Venezuela. She isn't registered in the country, so we'll see if that becomes a difficulty later on. Gisel came to church, which was actually where we met her. These next weeks ought to be fruitful. We have Sylvia's new phone number, so we should be in contact with her again this week.

My companion is crazy, but I love the guy. I'm a bit more than half way through the Book of Mormon in Spanish again, and I'm loving the experience. The Book is true, and the Doctrine it contains is pure.

Love you all,

Élder King

Monday, October 10, 2016

Travel and Travail

Elder Chipana and Me

Dear everyone,
This week was surprisingly long.
In Medellin I went to El Hueco which means "the hole" which is basically just a big street market where you can get stuff for really cheap. Got a few new ties and a shirt for home. The next day we just kind of walked around and got some really expensive peruvian food. Wasn't that great, but they have some pretty good spicy sauce stuff. Don't remember what it's called.
My new companion is Élder Chipana. He is from Peru and he is hilarious. We found three new families this week. One lady just came up to us in the street and asked us where the chapel was. She moved into the neighborhood two days ago and she says she wants to be a member along with her husband and two kids. She lives really close to the chapel, so I'm hoping things go smoothly and we can baptize a family! Another family Elder Robison found contacting with Elder Morillo last week. They seem very interested and they live right behind the chapel. The family we found when we got caught in the rain also seems very interested. Once again, we seem to be starting from zero, but with three new families I'd say it's a jump start!
So, that's it for this week. Any questions?
Élder King

Monday, October 3, 2016

Transfers That Fly

Dear everyone,

So, just like that, transfers again! I didn't think our companionship would get changed, but sure enough, Elder Morillo is on the bus for Monteria. Poor fella. Worst part is he is going back with his first companion, who he didn't get along with. So, Elder Robison and I are in Medellin after a long night's bus ride awaiting our companions to arrive from the MTC. We are both going to be training, so these upcoming months are going to be interesting. But also exciting!

This week was kind of bad for lessons, but we went contacting a lot, so this next week with the new missionary should be full of new people. Really it's what we have been needing for a while.

Conference was amazing! We got to watch most of it in English and it's hard picking a favorite talk because they were all soo good! I really enjoyed saturday afternoon session. Elder D. Todd Christofferson has become one of my favorite apostles and his talk on Heavenly Father's Love was amazing. J. Devn Cornish warmed my heart with his talk. He talked about repentance and comparing ourselves to others. There were so many more that just made my heart swell with gratitude for our leaders. How inspired they are!

So let me know which talk was your favorite, what scriptures you have found recently that have helped you in your life, and any other spiritual experiences


Elder king

Monday, September 26, 2016

Almost Here

Dear everyone,

This week was interesting, we definitely need some new investigaters, but we have an investigater that is progressing pretty well. Our day with Elder Covarrubias, the assistent to President, was mostly spent contacting new people. I really like contacting, but we never make much time to do it. I plan to do some more here in this next week. Sylvia has been strenghtening her testimony a lot, even though it's hard for her to get to church (She lives far away). Her six year old son is extremely astute as well and has been a medium through which the Lord has spoken to her. He had a very interesting dream, so interesting I wrote it all down. Essentially, in his dream, he spoke with his Papa Dios and at first he just said, "Bienvenido hijo" or "Welcome, son".  After praying to remember more of his dream, he remember that the voice of God told him this: "The Book of Mormon is true, even though everyone says it's not. It's here so that when Christ comes again, we will be ready." I was blown away by this. It is pure doctrine, from the mouth of a six year old boy. The Church is true, and the Book of Mormon has that exact purpose. To prepare the world for the coming of Christ. If you don't believe me, check out Joseph Smith History. The angel Moroni tells the prophet the same thing.

Anyway, September is coming to a close and Conference draws ever closer. Make sure you prep yourself with questions and meditation. Be ready to change and apply what the prophets teach. Remember that these words are from men inspired by God to teach us what we need to do to survive the trials that beset us daily. Invite everyone to prepare and go to be edified together.

Love you all,

Élder King

Monday, September 19, 2016

Love and Friendship Day

Dear everyone,

People have a lot less time here in Armenia than in the coast. It's kind of bothersome that there is almost nothing to do until about five-ish. It has made the work more difficult. Our only investigator that has much time lives quite far away, so we are spending a lot of money and time travelling out there. It would be a lot more worth it if she was already married and coming to church, but I really can´t complain because at the very least she has gotten her answer. So the hard part is over! Now it'll just be a lot of meticulous teaching and encouraging. 

We are trying to get to know all the members in our area, and there are A LOT. The Cortez family is really fun. Two recently reactivated members and their four year old Wilfred. He's such a funny kid and he makes me happy. It got me thinking about how we all need to be like little children. It's not just in being humble and teachable, but also in enjoying life! Little children are entertained by the smallest thing and they know exactly where to go when things start to go wrong. And that's to the parents. In Gospel words, we should try to declutter a bit and enjoy life, but also trust that if anything goes wrong, we can go to our heavenly father immediately. There are soooo many promises that if we are just obedient, it will all work out. All things will work together for our good. Just fun doctrine to make life a bit easier!

Oh, Hígado is chicken heart by the way. So next time you get a cold, just eat some Chicken-heart soup! It'll fix you right up. So this week makes a year. It's weird to think about, but with the way transfers work, I've been halfway done for a while now. Just have to make the best of the next half!

Tomorrow we'll have exchanges with the assistents to President, and that should be fun.

Anyway, have a good week everyone!

Élder King

Mom: So this week marks your one year anniversary!  Wow, has that gone fast or slow for you?  Besides Spanish what are some of the things you have learned in a year being on a mission?  Any highlights?  Would you change anything?

Elder Kingthere have been slow and fast parts of the mission. This month in Armenia has gone super fast. I've learned a lot about applying the doctrines and principles that I have always known. I have tried to get a "good, better, best" view and focus on how I can bless people's lives through priesthood power instead of just priesthood authority. I probably would have prepared a bit more. Learning how to be unaffected by other´s bad habits would be my best suggestion for prepping missionaries.  And staying awake during church.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Colombian Curveball Codename: Higado

Dear Everyone

It was such a shame not to finish that title with another "C" word but oh well.

This week was kind of lame, we didn't get a whole lot of work in. Lot's of rain and other stuff to do. We had interview´s with President and that was fun. He essentially told me that he didn't have anything to tell me and that he is really satisfied with the work I'm doing. It warmed my heart, but I definitely could use a lot of improvement. Juggling district verification with training, planning and working never gets easy. I can only imagine how the Zone Leaders feel. Our whole house came down with a bad cold and it's made Élder Morillo a bit blue. Kind of hard to work when your sick. I'm still loving the weather here. As far as progress in the work, not a whole lot yet. A lot of work to do and not much time to do it.

As a mission we are reading through the Book of Mormon and marking all the references to Christ and a few other things. It's amazing how fast I've been able to read through in Spanish. I'm going at a steady rate of 10 pages a day and I'm learning a ton. I'm focusing on distinguishing Doctrines and Principles from stories of things that happen. Just the meat of the scriptures you could say.

Speaking of meat, back to the title. Just when I thought I had Colombian food (except for tomatoes) handled, the threw me Hígado. I've had this food four times This Week!! Imagine Squeeky cheese that tastes like mushrooms, usually with a lot of onions. Hígado is what you just ate. And guess what it is? Bet you'll never guess. Maybe I'll tell you next week. (chicken hearts)

Shame that the Y lost, I still am waiting for the days to start getting shorter and the leaves to fall but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. Not like I'm counting or anything, but there are 360 days until I'll see a nice autumn tree.


Élder King

Monday, September 5, 2016


Dear Everyone,

This week was pretty hectic, lots of walking and going from place to place. Lots of time spent away from my companion, which is weird.

We found two families this week, the Muñoz family and the Rivera family. The Muñoz family has talked to previous missionaries but never really gotten the lessons or gone to church or anything. the Rivera family we found through Daniela, the youngest daughter, who has been coming to the english classes we teach here. They are very interested and have already started reading the book and the pamphlets we leave them. They went on a small vacation this last weekend so they didn't come to church, but they live super close, so I hope that in the near future they will. We also found Sylvia and her two boys through her brother, who is a member. She had already gotten to the Isaiah chapters by the time we first talked to her. She is very interested and the only difficulty might be getting her married as quickly as possible. They want to get married, but don't really have any goals yet.

We did two companion exchanges and then a division this week. I went to Elder Robison's area and worked with him for a day, then I went to the zone leader's area with Elder Canchig. This last saturday some of the members went out with us missionaries to go and see less active members. So I spent two and a half days without my companion by my side. It was weird.

I got your package Mom and Dad and I'm kind of going crazy about how amazing it is. Thanks a ton!

Anyway, I love you all,

Élder King

Monday, August 29, 2016


View from the chapel
a mural

Dear everyone,

I'm working, and I'm tired. But I feel the best I have since I started the mission.

I'm testing a lot of new waters here. I have a lot to learn and a lot more responsability. The work here is slow, mostly because people actually work most of the day. That makes for some late nights. My area is very large, but I'm getting to know it pretty quickly. The Branch we are in is great, more than a hundred people attend and the leaders are all very dedicated. We don't have many investigaters yet, but give me a week or two. We have visited Freddy Cortez and his family, and they are super cool. They are a recently reactivated couple and they have plans to go to the temple. We are working with members of their extended family to get them baptized. Then there is the Rocha family. Omer is a recent convert, though I must say the missionaries who taught him didn't seem to worry too much about his testimony, but no matter as we are teaching the whole family the lessons so that they can all have testimonies. There is another sister, Consuelo, who was baptized in West Valley, which was super cool to find out. She is getting reactivated as well, but she never really lost her testimony or anything like that, she just didn't go to church while she was living with one of her daughters in Bogota. Her records ought to get transferred here pretty soon.

I'm still getting used to my duties as district leader and it's been tough trying to juggle studies, planning, work, and training all while learning the area, but it's also been super fun. Elder Morillo is super awesome and I think he'll be my favorite companion so far.

Oh and there is a Sister here, I think she is the Primary president, but she has family in the Mount Ensign ward!! I'll try and get names. It was super cool when she told me.

Love you all!

Élder King

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Transfer News

Dear everyone,

Well, this week was crazy, but not quite as crazy as the last two days have been

I watched almost every investigator I worked with these last two transfers make the wrong decision to postpone their gospel learning ergo, their eternal progress, for one reason or another. I learned the transfers Saturday afternoon and it came as a big surprise. Both me and Elder Fernandez were taken out of Cereté and a new missionary is going to be training there. More on that a bit later. That same day, we found three new families to teach, all in all nine new investigators. So I'm a bit worried about how the next missionaries will handle that, but we left lots of information about the area (somewhat frantically). I had to give a talk my last week in the area and I talked about the Book of Mormon and why it's important. I'm getting a lot of messages recently on just how important the Book of Mormon really is. I try to think how my life would be if that book didn't exist or wasn't true, and I cannot imagine it. It has played such a fundamental role that it is impossible to imagine my life any differently.

I'm sad to leave Cereté behind, but definitely happy to be moving on with my adventure. After 18 hours straight of traveling, I arrived yesterday in Armenia, Tres Esquinas. I'm the District leader of 10 missionaries and I'm finishing up my companion, Elder Morillo's, training. He is from Ecuador, close to guayacil and has two months in the mission as of yesterday. As of today, I have eleven. It was weird sleeping with a blanket again last night and it feels like Summer here. I don't really know anything about the area still, but I'll let you know how things are next week. It's strange not sweating from everywhere. Elder Morillo is super cool and I've always wanted to train. I already love it!

The church is true, Love you all!

Élder King
Fried Corn and Elder Petersen

Fried Cheese

Monday, August 15, 2016

Darn Rain

Dear family and friends,

Well, it seems like there won't be any baptisms this transfer. We were only able to have two lessons with investigators this week, and neither one is progressing at all. Alejandra and Andres seem to be avoiding us, but I think that's in part due to my companions over-persistance. This next week will be the defining week for them. So, sadly, Elder L. Whitney Clayton will only be visiting the missionaries in Medellin and we will later be informed about his suggestions for our mission. Kind of a bummer, seeing as he is in the Presidency of the Seventy, but oh well.

We met Julia's daughter, another less active member, though more recent. Her name is July Ana. Her story is pretty sad too, mostly because none of her problems have come because of her own sins. Just other people's poor decisions. I had an exchange with Elder Peterson on Tuesday. I think Elder Ku is just trying to get away from Elder Peterson, but I never know what he's thinking.

It rained sunday morning, so we got about 60 people that came to church. Nelson is still coming, which makes me happy. 

I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish this Morning. I'm pretty proud of myself. In case you were wondering, the book is true.

Love you all,

Élder King

Monday, August 8, 2016

Work, Work, and Then A Bit of Work

Dear everyone,

I feel like I'm back in Manizales. Not like it's any cooler, just that none of our investigaters can make it to church. Oh well, guess we just have to work a bit harder!

Meeting with less active members, we have learned a lot about problems that members face here. Julia told us her first contact with the church, and I thought it was so wonderful. It's really a tragedy that she is less active for annoying circumstances. She was looking for her friend's church, but she couldn't find it. But she saw that our church was open and thought that must be the one. She went in and it was general conference. She heard President Hinckly speak and said she felt that this was were she needed to be. She looked around and saw some members sleeping, some bored and she marvelled to herself "Why are they sleeping? Don't they feel this special spirit?" That experience got me thinking. Do we feel that special spirit when we go to church? When we listen to the words of the Prophets? Try every day to feel that and you'll never go astray. I am often frustrated with the progress of less actives and investigaters alike. Then I think how frustrating it must be for the Lord to work with me.

We met a woman who lived in the United states for most of her adult life. She seems semi interested in the church, but it may be hard to get back in contact with her. We contacted a few references that all told us (graciously) to shove it. At least in effect. But I'm sure their time will come. A general authority may or may not be coming this week. It's either this week or the next, so I'll let you know more about that when I know more.

Kiwi donuts are interesting, I had a Katelyn moment when I finally realized why "Icebreakers" (the breathmint) is named such. It's still hot. The weather forecast for today is: Cloudy/rainy with a high of 104 degrees fahrenheit and a nice cool low of 78. Hope the roads don't flood.

Love you!

Élder King

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tad Bit Late

Dear friends and family

Sorry for not writing yesterday, but situations made it difficult to get on. So I'll be writing for a short while today.

This last week we were able to teach Andres a bit more and he is progressing well in the book of Mormon. He just needs to ask God a few sincere questions and he will be good to go on his testimony! I just hope he'll have the faith to ask. Alejandra is less busy now, so she will most likely begin to progress again. She's good to go on the Word of Wisdom. They both came to church. Edison didn't, and today we ought to find out why.

We contacted Lina Vargas, a cousin of a ward member. She apparently has had the missionaries before but didn't like their pressure placed on baptism. Teaching her should be interesting and rewarding. Alejandro is a new investigater that Francisco invited to church. He is actually Edison's neighbor, so he has already seen us before. I'm glad to have a new investigater, especially one that lives close by. (We walk a lot)

We helped out with a stake cultural activity. Our district was assigned to talk about the municipio of Sucre. We really just helped the Ward explain it's display.

The reason I couldn't write yesterday is because we went to the beach for a zone activity! Super exciting and we didn't know about it until Friday. But we got home later because we live further than most missionaries in our zone. Had a great time and I have lots of Pictures! I love the beach, but obviously we couldn't go swimming. The bus ride was like you would imagine a bus to Cartagena. Except with missionaries singing hymns. These buses could use some better suspension.

Don't be afraid to bear your testimony and don't let other people tell you what to believe. Pray and learn for yourself, over and over again, that the Church is true and like house with a firm foundation, you won't be destroyed by the storms of life. As fun as the beach is, you still shouldn't build a house on shifty sand. That parable can be really deep if you think about it a lot. Give it a try, it's fun

Anyway, Love you all,

Élder King
The display for a cultural activity.  Nate said is was kind of like doing a school project.

Elder Petersen and Elder King

My companion Elder Fernandez
Yeah, packages!  Thanks family and McQuiveys!!

And Best of the Week, a trip to the Ocean!

what happens when you let Latinos alone to build the new fan