Monday, December 19, 2016

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dear Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your respective Christmas festivities. Just remember to think about the Savior en every minute of this wonderful season. So we had our big Christmas activity this last wednesday. They didn't bring packages but promised to send them this week. So, my christmas will probably fall in March haha.

We worked a bit more on the house last tuesday. Tile grout and sweeping. Made me miss home projects a bit. Other news, I rolled my ankle and scraped my knees in the Christmas activity, so it's been a bit difficult to get around town these days. But don't worry, it's healing up just great with my knowledge of first aid. Picture below.

Leonardo is really good about reading but he is fixing up a drug problem and as such he takes really strong sleeping pills and doesn't get up on time to get to church. The Suarez family is reading (slowly) and haven't gone to church yet. So with some luck, one or two baptisms this next transfer. Oh, Transfers next week by the way.

So yeah, my second Christmas in the mission will be this week. Can you believe it? I can't. I guess I'll talk to most of you this week. Be ready by 12:30, and we'll probably start at 1:00. It's best on my side to do it as early as possible, because Christmas day is going to be complicated.

Love you all, Merry Chrismas!!

Elder King

Some old friends I found at the Christmas party also included below

Elder Peterson and Elder Rosero

My First Aid Skills
My Sewing Skills
Me and Elder Norrell eating cake

To get into Monteria, you have to go through Purgatory

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