Monday, November 28, 2016

Knocking Doors

Dear everyone,

The weeks always go by so fast when you are in a new area. This week we did some more service and we knocked down part of a wall so a family can put a new door in (get it? knocking out doors?). I went on an exchange with Elder Norrell a cool dude from Texas. Had a fun time walking around the only little town further from Monteria than Planeta, the beautiful Montelibano! We worked with a new investigator that has actually been coming to church for two weeks now. His name is Omar and he is already reading and has two lessons. He just needs to get married to his girlfriend, who was a less active member until recently. We went looking for new people, but everyone just says that they are busy and that we come back later. But the mission is focusing a lot on searching with faith and focusing more on investigators than less actives. Which is great and all, but I just barely got the branch council super pumped about working with the less active members. Oh well, I guess we'll balance as best we can.

It feels like I'm still training and I have to do most of the work and teaching myself, but it is also very gratifying when "a plan comes together".  I think that's from A-team but I'm not sure... Anyway, working is fun, the mission is fun, studying is fun and sweating is not. Hahaha not much sympathy from my chilled friends and family in Utah I'm sure, but here, just south of the tropics there isn't much snow. I guess I missed another thansgiving, and I only really remembered because of everyone here talking about how crazy the US is with black friday and all that jazz. Christmas is in about four weeks and I'm trying not to think about it. Drink some hot chocolate and sit by a fire for me. Maybe you could listen to some Nat King Cole and try not to think about how much you miss me! haha just a suggestion.

Love Elder King

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Everyone,
Well, Planeta Rica is going to be a new adventure, to say the least! I'm trying to organize a big effort on part of the less active members. But first we have to get the members excited about it. It will be quite an undertaking, but it'll be fun too. A lot of service and visiting. The members that go to church are cool, I haven't met many of the others. The efforts here before weren't that organized, so I'm basically starting over from scratch (again) and that's frustrating but whatever. I gave a talk this week about missionary work (crazy right?) and home teaching.
A bit more about elder Zegarra, he's a short little fella from Chiclayo Peru. He is 26 and he's a nice guy. The only complaint so far is that he is really spacy, that is to say, he forgets everything. But he's got a good heart.
Planeta isn't as hot as Cerete thankfully and we're in the colder season of the year, so hopefully they transfer me out before "summertime" hits. I imagine they will, seeing as we are in November. It's weird to think that Thanksgiving is coming up. That'll be the second (and last) one that I'll miss! Hooray hooray.
I can't think of anything else to write. Questions? (help)
Love you all
Elder King

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Rich Planet

Me with Elder Rangel and Elder Canchig, my zone leaders from Armenia. I think Elder Robison is in one of them too.

Dear everyone,

Much to everyone's surprise, I've been transferred again! Crazy, right? So it looks like Elder Chipana will have his training finished by someone else. Sad to leave so quickly, I really liked Armenia. But before I tell you the fun news, you have to read about my week. Ha! I don't think you'll be able to handle the suspense. You must all be on the edge of your seats right now... Or just scrolling down to read. Tsk tsk. Anyway, we found eight or so new investigaters in one day when we went to visit an old couple. They are very interested and we taught them the restoration. Now they just have to read and go to church! We taught Giselle and Diana about the word of wisdom and they accepted to try it out. Coffee is the bane of the missionaries in "el eje cafetero" which as far as I can tell means "where they grow all the coffee of the world"

Elder Chipana found out he doesn't need surgery, but he needs to take care of himself and he'll be just fine. Elder Robison is the new district leader for Tres Esquinas. My new zone leader is from my group, Elder Weber. I guess that's all the news for this week... Oh wait, almost forgot the best part!!!

I'm now district leader in Planeta Rica, with Elder Zegarra, a Peruvian from the same group as me! Elder Rosero is also in my district, an Ecuadorian from my group as well. I think there is another North American, Elder Norrell if I remember right. Just us four, which is way easier. I'm back in Monteria. Actually, another little town just outside of Monteria. Back into the oven it seems! Oh well, I forgot how much I liked the food here, even though I just ate half a fish... Travelling back was no fun. I guess the Lord knows I can handle fifteen straight hours of travelling better than other missionaries, because that has been every single transfer for me so far. Maybe that's not it, but anyway, I'll be here for another little while I imagine. I'm still on the lookout for fried cheese stands.

Well, I think thats about all. Any questions? I'll be on for a bit, so go ahead. How's life now that Trump won? I know that's a loaded question, because everyone asks me the same one. Heck, I've been here for a year, I don't know what's going on in the US! Any fun stories you want to tell me, go ahead. I like hearing about your lives.


Elder King

 Brother Ruiz, Elder Chipana, Sister Penagos, Roxanna Ruiz, Me and then in the wheelchair Vanessa Otalvaro. These are members from Armenia

                                        Elder Canchig and Elder Rangel. from left to right

Monday, November 7, 2016

New Stuff

Dear everyone,

So this week we got a new branch and district presidency. The new district president is our old branch president, and our new branch president is the old counselor. Interesting all around and everyone is super excited about the new district president. The old one has been there for nine years. As far as news this week goes, not much happened. Natalie and Jonathan moved into the other area, so that's a bummer for us, but oh well. We spent a good portion of this week dealing with colombian medical system, which is terribly inefficient. My companion still hasn't recieved much official treatment and the diagnosis is pending. It's been impeding the work a bit in this week, but I can't torture the guy. So we'll just wait and see what happens.

I imagine for all of you this will be an interesting week, what with daylight savings and elections on top of your regular daily routines. Just do what is right and let the consequence follow. It all works out if you do what you're supposed to. That's the big struggle, doing what is right. Keep on reading your scriptures, you all know the drill.

Love you all,

Élder King

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Dear everyone,

Another pretty lame week, but there were some highs and lows. So my companion has been sick since Saturday night which kind of complicated our plans. We will probably be visiting the clinic today to see if we can get him all fixed up.  Anywho, Diana and Giselle both committed to keeping the law of chastity, so they are making good progress. They made some Venezuelan food for us yesterday. Best days have food. We had just finished fasting because next week we have district conference here in Armenia. I have no idea how we are going to get people to church next week because it's in Castellana, which is kind of far. No matter, we'll figure it out.

I felt the spirit tell me how much the Lord loves me this week, and I know if you pay attention, you'll all be able to feel it too! It's really kind of crazy, because logically we don't deserve it that much.

We found some really old Liahonas and it's fun reading conference talks from 1995. I really love the prophets from all ages. Their different styles and emphasis intrigue me, and if you take the time, you find really interesting doctrinal statements.

Anyway, Love you all!

Élder King

p.s. my companions sickness is confidential, so don't ask

PSS:  The reason for my title, I don't like Colombian doors. They are all made of metal and they always have a big space underneath. It lets all the water and cockroaches in. The only thing worse is that there isn't carpet anywhere so cleaning is a chore