Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Dear everyone,

Another pretty lame week, but there were some highs and lows. So my companion has been sick since Saturday night which kind of complicated our plans. We will probably be visiting the clinic today to see if we can get him all fixed up.  Anywho, Diana and Giselle both committed to keeping the law of chastity, so they are making good progress. They made some Venezuelan food for us yesterday. Best days have food. We had just finished fasting because next week we have district conference here in Armenia. I have no idea how we are going to get people to church next week because it's in Castellana, which is kind of far. No matter, we'll figure it out.

I felt the spirit tell me how much the Lord loves me this week, and I know if you pay attention, you'll all be able to feel it too! It's really kind of crazy, because logically we don't deserve it that much.

We found some really old Liahonas and it's fun reading conference talks from 1995. I really love the prophets from all ages. Their different styles and emphasis intrigue me, and if you take the time, you find really interesting doctrinal statements.

Anyway, Love you all!

√Člder King

p.s. my companions sickness is confidential, so don't ask

PSS:  The reason for my title, I don't like Colombian doors. They are all made of metal and they always have a big space underneath. It lets all the water and cockroaches in. The only thing worse is that there isn't carpet anywhere so cleaning is a chore

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