Monday, October 24, 2016

I Had A Good Title

Dear everyone,

Sorry, I really did, but I forgot it. It was going to be hilarious. Anyway, not much new this week. Gisel and Diana came to church, even though they got there about the end of Sacrament. Gospel Principles was about the Law of Chastity, so that ought to make that principle easier to teach next week. Seems like Gisel might have some problem with that, but she has a great drive to do what is right. Diana just drinks coffee and alcohol every once in a while, but she says she's going to work on it. They are both reading, although very slowly. None of our other families had time to meet with us this week. 

I was a bit down this last Saturday, but I read a talk by Jeffrey R Holland and revamped my attitude. I really don't have too much time to be messing around here and Elder Holland helped me realize that in the way that only he can do. So, don't let life get you down, just keep on swimming I guess! Maybe watch the Pixar short "Boundin'" and let that make you happy. I just finished the war chapters this morning and now just for one of the long spells of iniquity found in the Book of Mormon and I'll be back to the Ministry of Christ in the Americas! Super pumped.

Anyway, halfway done with my tenth transfer, so my shoes are starting to show their complaints.

Love you all!

√Člder King

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