Monday, October 3, 2016

Transfers That Fly

Dear everyone,

So, just like that, transfers again! I didn't think our companionship would get changed, but sure enough, Elder Morillo is on the bus for Monteria. Poor fella. Worst part is he is going back with his first companion, who he didn't get along with. So, Elder Robison and I are in Medellin after a long night's bus ride awaiting our companions to arrive from the MTC. We are both going to be training, so these upcoming months are going to be interesting. But also exciting!

This week was kind of bad for lessons, but we went contacting a lot, so this next week with the new missionary should be full of new people. Really it's what we have been needing for a while.

Conference was amazing! We got to watch most of it in English and it's hard picking a favorite talk because they were all soo good! I really enjoyed saturday afternoon session. Elder D. Todd Christofferson has become one of my favorite apostles and his talk on Heavenly Father's Love was amazing. J. Devn Cornish warmed my heart with his talk. He talked about repentance and comparing ourselves to others. There were so many more that just made my heart swell with gratitude for our leaders. How inspired they are!

So let me know which talk was your favorite, what scriptures you have found recently that have helped you in your life, and any other spiritual experiences


Elder king

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