Monday, September 26, 2016

Almost Here

Dear everyone,

This week was interesting, we definitely need some new investigaters, but we have an investigater that is progressing pretty well. Our day with Elder Covarrubias, the assistent to President, was mostly spent contacting new people. I really like contacting, but we never make much time to do it. I plan to do some more here in this next week. Sylvia has been strenghtening her testimony a lot, even though it's hard for her to get to church (She lives far away). Her six year old son is extremely astute as well and has been a medium through which the Lord has spoken to her. He had a very interesting dream, so interesting I wrote it all down. Essentially, in his dream, he spoke with his Papa Dios and at first he just said, "Bienvenido hijo" or "Welcome, son".  After praying to remember more of his dream, he remember that the voice of God told him this: "The Book of Mormon is true, even though everyone says it's not. It's here so that when Christ comes again, we will be ready." I was blown away by this. It is pure doctrine, from the mouth of a six year old boy. The Church is true, and the Book of Mormon has that exact purpose. To prepare the world for the coming of Christ. If you don't believe me, check out Joseph Smith History. The angel Moroni tells the prophet the same thing.

Anyway, September is coming to a close and Conference draws ever closer. Make sure you prep yourself with questions and meditation. Be ready to change and apply what the prophets teach. Remember that these words are from men inspired by God to teach us what we need to do to survive the trials that beset us daily. Invite everyone to prepare and go to be edified together.

Love you all,

√Člder King

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