Monday, September 5, 2016


Dear Everyone,

This week was pretty hectic, lots of walking and going from place to place. Lots of time spent away from my companion, which is weird.

We found two families this week, the Muñoz family and the Rivera family. The Muñoz family has talked to previous missionaries but never really gotten the lessons or gone to church or anything. the Rivera family we found through Daniela, the youngest daughter, who has been coming to the english classes we teach here. They are very interested and have already started reading the book and the pamphlets we leave them. They went on a small vacation this last weekend so they didn't come to church, but they live super close, so I hope that in the near future they will. We also found Sylvia and her two boys through her brother, who is a member. She had already gotten to the Isaiah chapters by the time we first talked to her. She is very interested and the only difficulty might be getting her married as quickly as possible. They want to get married, but don't really have any goals yet.

We did two companion exchanges and then a division this week. I went to Elder Robison's area and worked with him for a day, then I went to the zone leader's area with Elder Canchig. This last saturday some of the members went out with us missionaries to go and see less active members. So I spent two and a half days without my companion by my side. It was weird.

I got your package Mom and Dad and I'm kind of going crazy about how amazing it is. Thanks a ton!

Anyway, I love you all,

Élder King

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