Monday, September 19, 2016

Love and Friendship Day

Dear everyone,

People have a lot less time here in Armenia than in the coast. It's kind of bothersome that there is almost nothing to do until about five-ish. It has made the work more difficult. Our only investigator that has much time lives quite far away, so we are spending a lot of money and time travelling out there. It would be a lot more worth it if she was already married and coming to church, but I really can´t complain because at the very least she has gotten her answer. So the hard part is over! Now it'll just be a lot of meticulous teaching and encouraging. 

We are trying to get to know all the members in our area, and there are A LOT. The Cortez family is really fun. Two recently reactivated members and their four year old Wilfred. He's such a funny kid and he makes me happy. It got me thinking about how we all need to be like little children. It's not just in being humble and teachable, but also in enjoying life! Little children are entertained by the smallest thing and they know exactly where to go when things start to go wrong. And that's to the parents. In Gospel words, we should try to declutter a bit and enjoy life, but also trust that if anything goes wrong, we can go to our heavenly father immediately. There are soooo many promises that if we are just obedient, it will all work out. All things will work together for our good. Just fun doctrine to make life a bit easier!

Oh, Hígado is chicken heart by the way. So next time you get a cold, just eat some Chicken-heart soup! It'll fix you right up. So this week makes a year. It's weird to think about, but with the way transfers work, I've been halfway done for a while now. Just have to make the best of the next half!

Tomorrow we'll have exchanges with the assistents to President, and that should be fun.

Anyway, have a good week everyone!

Élder King

Mom: So this week marks your one year anniversary!  Wow, has that gone fast or slow for you?  Besides Spanish what are some of the things you have learned in a year being on a mission?  Any highlights?  Would you change anything?

Elder Kingthere have been slow and fast parts of the mission. This month in Armenia has gone super fast. I've learned a lot about applying the doctrines and principles that I have always known. I have tried to get a "good, better, best" view and focus on how I can bless people's lives through priesthood power instead of just priesthood authority. I probably would have prepared a bit more. Learning how to be unaffected by other´s bad habits would be my best suggestion for prepping missionaries.  And staying awake during church.

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