Monday, September 12, 2016

Colombian Curveball Codename: Higado

Dear Everyone

It was such a shame not to finish that title with another "C" word but oh well.

This week was kind of lame, we didn't get a whole lot of work in. Lot's of rain and other stuff to do. We had interview´s with President and that was fun. He essentially told me that he didn't have anything to tell me and that he is really satisfied with the work I'm doing. It warmed my heart, but I definitely could use a lot of improvement. Juggling district verification with training, planning and working never gets easy. I can only imagine how the Zone Leaders feel. Our whole house came down with a bad cold and it's made Élder Morillo a bit blue. Kind of hard to work when your sick. I'm still loving the weather here. As far as progress in the work, not a whole lot yet. A lot of work to do and not much time to do it.

As a mission we are reading through the Book of Mormon and marking all the references to Christ and a few other things. It's amazing how fast I've been able to read through in Spanish. I'm going at a steady rate of 10 pages a day and I'm learning a ton. I'm focusing on distinguishing Doctrines and Principles from stories of things that happen. Just the meat of the scriptures you could say.

Speaking of meat, back to the title. Just when I thought I had Colombian food (except for tomatoes) handled, the threw me Hígado. I've had this food four times This Week!! Imagine Squeeky cheese that tastes like mushrooms, usually with a lot of onions. Hígado is what you just ate. And guess what it is? Bet you'll never guess. Maybe I'll tell you next week. (chicken hearts)

Shame that the Y lost, I still am waiting for the days to start getting shorter and the leaves to fall but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. Not like I'm counting or anything, but there are 360 days until I'll see a nice autumn tree.


Élder King

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