Monday, August 29, 2016


View from the chapel
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Dear everyone,

I'm working, and I'm tired. But I feel the best I have since I started the mission.

I'm testing a lot of new waters here. I have a lot to learn and a lot more responsability. The work here is slow, mostly because people actually work most of the day. That makes for some late nights. My area is very large, but I'm getting to know it pretty quickly. The Branch we are in is great, more than a hundred people attend and the leaders are all very dedicated. We don't have many investigaters yet, but give me a week or two. We have visited Freddy Cortez and his family, and they are super cool. They are a recently reactivated couple and they have plans to go to the temple. We are working with members of their extended family to get them baptized. Then there is the Rocha family. Omer is a recent convert, though I must say the missionaries who taught him didn't seem to worry too much about his testimony, but no matter as we are teaching the whole family the lessons so that they can all have testimonies. There is another sister, Consuelo, who was baptized in West Valley, which was super cool to find out. She is getting reactivated as well, but she never really lost her testimony or anything like that, she just didn't go to church while she was living with one of her daughters in Bogota. Her records ought to get transferred here pretty soon.

I'm still getting used to my duties as district leader and it's been tough trying to juggle studies, planning, work, and training all while learning the area, but it's also been super fun. Elder Morillo is super awesome and I think he'll be my favorite companion so far.

Oh and there is a Sister here, I think she is the Primary president, but she has family in the Mount Ensign ward!! I'll try and get names. It was super cool when she told me.

Love you all!

√Člder King

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