Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tad Bit Late

Dear friends and family

Sorry for not writing yesterday, but situations made it difficult to get on. So I'll be writing for a short while today.

This last week we were able to teach Andres a bit more and he is progressing well in the book of Mormon. He just needs to ask God a few sincere questions and he will be good to go on his testimony! I just hope he'll have the faith to ask. Alejandra is less busy now, so she will most likely begin to progress again. She's good to go on the Word of Wisdom. They both came to church. Edison didn't, and today we ought to find out why.

We contacted Lina Vargas, a cousin of a ward member. She apparently has had the missionaries before but didn't like their pressure placed on baptism. Teaching her should be interesting and rewarding. Alejandro is a new investigater that Francisco invited to church. He is actually Edison's neighbor, so he has already seen us before. I'm glad to have a new investigater, especially one that lives close by. (We walk a lot)

We helped out with a stake cultural activity. Our district was assigned to talk about the municipio of Sucre. We really just helped the Ward explain it's display.

The reason I couldn't write yesterday is because we went to the beach for a zone activity! Super exciting and we didn't know about it until Friday. But we got home later because we live further than most missionaries in our zone. Had a great time and I have lots of Pictures! I love the beach, but obviously we couldn't go swimming. The bus ride was like you would imagine a bus to Cartagena. Except with missionaries singing hymns. These buses could use some better suspension.

Don't be afraid to bear your testimony and don't let other people tell you what to believe. Pray and learn for yourself, over and over again, that the Church is true and like house with a firm foundation, you won't be destroyed by the storms of life. As fun as the beach is, you still shouldn't build a house on shifty sand. That parable can be really deep if you think about it a lot. Give it a try, it's fun

Anyway, Love you all,

√Člder King
The display for a cultural activity.  Nate said is was kind of like doing a school project.

Elder Petersen and Elder King

My companion Elder Fernandez
Yeah, packages!  Thanks family and McQuiveys!!

And Best of the Week, a trip to the Ocean!

what happens when you let Latinos alone to build the new fan

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