Monday, August 8, 2016

Work, Work, and Then A Bit of Work

Dear everyone,

I feel like I'm back in Manizales. Not like it's any cooler, just that none of our investigaters can make it to church. Oh well, guess we just have to work a bit harder!

Meeting with less active members, we have learned a lot about problems that members face here. Julia told us her first contact with the church, and I thought it was so wonderful. It's really a tragedy that she is less active for annoying circumstances. She was looking for her friend's church, but she couldn't find it. But she saw that our church was open and thought that must be the one. She went in and it was general conference. She heard President Hinckly speak and said she felt that this was were she needed to be. She looked around and saw some members sleeping, some bored and she marvelled to herself "Why are they sleeping? Don't they feel this special spirit?" That experience got me thinking. Do we feel that special spirit when we go to church? When we listen to the words of the Prophets? Try every day to feel that and you'll never go astray. I am often frustrated with the progress of less actives and investigaters alike. Then I think how frustrating it must be for the Lord to work with me.

We met a woman who lived in the United states for most of her adult life. She seems semi interested in the church, but it may be hard to get back in contact with her. We contacted a few references that all told us (graciously) to shove it. At least in effect. But I'm sure their time will come. A general authority may or may not be coming this week. It's either this week or the next, so I'll let you know more about that when I know more.

Kiwi donuts are interesting, I had a Katelyn moment when I finally realized why "Icebreakers" (the breathmint) is named such. It's still hot. The weather forecast for today is: Cloudy/rainy with a high of 104 degrees fahrenheit and a nice cool low of 78. Hope the roads don't flood.

Love you!

√Člder King

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