Monday, November 28, 2016

Knocking Doors

Dear everyone,

The weeks always go by so fast when you are in a new area. This week we did some more service and we knocked down part of a wall so a family can put a new door in (get it? knocking out doors?). I went on an exchange with Elder Norrell a cool dude from Texas. Had a fun time walking around the only little town further from Monteria than Planeta, the beautiful Montelibano! We worked with a new investigator that has actually been coming to church for two weeks now. His name is Omar and he is already reading and has two lessons. He just needs to get married to his girlfriend, who was a less active member until recently. We went looking for new people, but everyone just says that they are busy and that we come back later. But the mission is focusing a lot on searching with faith and focusing more on investigators than less actives. Which is great and all, but I just barely got the branch council super pumped about working with the less active members. Oh well, I guess we'll balance as best we can.

It feels like I'm still training and I have to do most of the work and teaching myself, but it is also very gratifying when "a plan comes together".  I think that's from A-team but I'm not sure... Anyway, working is fun, the mission is fun, studying is fun and sweating is not. Hahaha not much sympathy from my chilled friends and family in Utah I'm sure, but here, just south of the tropics there isn't much snow. I guess I missed another thansgiving, and I only really remembered because of everyone here talking about how crazy the US is with black friday and all that jazz. Christmas is in about four weeks and I'm trying not to think about it. Drink some hot chocolate and sit by a fire for me. Maybe you could listen to some Nat King Cole and try not to think about how much you miss me! haha just a suggestion.

Love Elder King

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