Monday, November 21, 2016

Dear Everyone,
Well, Planeta Rica is going to be a new adventure, to say the least! I'm trying to organize a big effort on part of the less active members. But first we have to get the members excited about it. It will be quite an undertaking, but it'll be fun too. A lot of service and visiting. The members that go to church are cool, I haven't met many of the others. The efforts here before weren't that organized, so I'm basically starting over from scratch (again) and that's frustrating but whatever. I gave a talk this week about missionary work (crazy right?) and home teaching.
A bit more about elder Zegarra, he's a short little fella from Chiclayo Peru. He is 26 and he's a nice guy. The only complaint so far is that he is really spacy, that is to say, he forgets everything. But he's got a good heart.
Planeta isn't as hot as Cerete thankfully and we're in the colder season of the year, so hopefully they transfer me out before "summertime" hits. I imagine they will, seeing as we are in November. It's weird to think that Thanksgiving is coming up. That'll be the second (and last) one that I'll miss! Hooray hooray.
I can't think of anything else to write. Questions? (help)
Love you all
Elder King

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