Monday, December 12, 2016


Dear everyone,
This week was complicated. A lot of stuff to do and not much that got done. After an exchange with Elder Norrell, I got to give a baptismal interview for Omaira. She passed with flying colors and should be getting baptized next week. We had to travel a lot between Planeta, Montelibano, and Monteria and that took away a lot of our time, not to mention it rained buckets on two different days. Companion frustrations continue, investigators drive hopes into the mountains, Members don't understand the doctrine, other complaints. But thankfully, it'll all work out eventually. I don't mean to sound depressed, because I'm feeling fine, but disappointed would define my situation very well. It doesn't help that I found out Nelson and Duvan are less active now and it's christmas time so everyone's either decided to be catholic for a week or stick to the bar day and night.
This next week should bring some rays of sunshine. We will be having a training with President and a Christmas party this wednesday. We should be finding some new investigators this tuesday and the new house is almost done, so I can start that long process of changing houses, for the third time.
Anyway, don't mind my rambling, how are all of you? I hope the season is treating you well, though it may be a bit cold. Stay warm and stay in the gospel, because it sure wouldn't be fun outside, that I can assure you.
Elder king

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