Monday, February 1, 2016

The Cleansing of Chipre

The week started out with cambios and since my comp is again coming from the coast, both Tuesday and Wednesday were spent with the zone leaders. We really didn´t do much at all.

It was the first real day with Elder Guerber. It´s hard planning when none of your investigaters will answer you. We´ve spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what to do. Even when you can get ahold of people, they tell you they can´t this week. We had branch counsel and we have a bunch of activities planned. We are going to be teaching English classes every Saturday now. We found out in the our branch, there are more than 600 members, but only just over 100 attend regularly. We have a lot of work to do with less actives it seems.

We tried to help one of the sisters in our ward get her English computer to speak spanish, our appointment with Israel fell through because we couldn´t find his house for a good twenty minutes and he decided that it was too late then. So we set an appointment for the next day. We had a family home evening with the branch at the chapel, then we had to go and get food so my comp doesn´t starve.

We had a lesson with John Edison Giraldo and we got him the BoM he´s been asking us for. He says he wants to come to church and read too, so hopefully the spirit will continue to work and he´ll be converted. Israel wasn´t in his house at the specific time he set and he didn´t answer his phone, so we didn´t have the lesson with him. We did have a really good lesson with the Vargas Family. A friend of theirs from Medellin was there and he is a very active member. He helped us convey our message better and we had a family prayer with them, and Hno Nelson was tearing up, which I thought I´d never see.

Unfortunately, nobody could make it. Church was good, the district president spoke and was chewing out the branch for not paying tithing. We went to a former less active´s house and had a short lesson with him. He is a super cool guy. His name is Fernando and he has two huge dogs. We then had FHE with the whole Castro family and we shared a message about conversion. We are working on bettering the relationship with members and I´d say we are slowly accomplishing that. There have been some lame missionaries here that have slightly ruined the trust between members and missionaries. But that is all changing.

About Elder Guerber, he is from Gilbert Arizona, he is two meters tall, and 275 pounds. It´s been nice to have some American humor again and we quote disney movies together every once in a while. He is a great missionary and hopefully together we can see some progress in the area!

Love you all,

√Člder King
granadilla fruit

Elder Welling from Bountiful.  He served in my zone.

Elder Pino

Elder Guerber, my new companion from Gilbert Arizona

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