Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Day, Another 3500 Pesos (Another Dollar)

Dear everyone,

So, Tuesday
Our plans were completely shot again, our laundry was super wet. Kind of a bad day all around. We did however find Tatiana again, and we had some face to face contact with Zulma, so I guess that was good. Turns out someone had stolen Tatiana´s phone during the Ferias

We walked down to La Francia, but our appointment wasn´t there, so we contacted-ish while we searched for Elder Tobon´s house. They are the Family History missionaries of the district. We forgot their address at our apartment, so we just searched where we thought it kind of was. We were wrong, but we talked to a few people, gave them a good impression.

We visited Marina again. She basically says she doesn´t want to change her religion because we don´t pray to the virgin Mary. Sigh... I hate apostasy. Correlation with the mission leader fell through, so we went back to La Francia to have a FHE at the Tobon´s. The only problem is, our investigater couldn´t go. We at a ton of fruit salad and shared a brief message with them. Then exchanges started

We had a really good day, me and Elder Barrios. He is from Guatemala. We found a few new people in La Linda, including two ancient ladies that were really funny. We then went to La Francia (which is super far, opposite ends of the area basically) and had a lesson with Julio. He committed to read and come to church and pray and all that. He has a baptismal date, but I don´t know how firm it is as of this point. He only really has one lesson. We had a lesson with Tatiana and she still wants to be baptized, but she is working and studying, so she doesn´t feel like she can go to church. She is really torn between the two.

We are trying to keep track of all our new and potentially new investigaters and it´s a bit overwhelming, and frustrating because none of them seem to want to make the necessary commitments. We went to a training for the branch council and taught our English Classes. Fernando must have forgotten about our appointment with him.

Church was good, nobody who said they would showed up. So, kind of bothersome. We had lunch with the Castros and we basically had some family time with them. Then Zulma blew us off. Strike three for her, we´ll keep trying, but she has made it obvious she doesn´t want to talk to the missionaries.

So yeah, that was the week. I still don´t have any mail from anyone, but that is either because the office missionaries have forgotten a ton or stuff has been getting stolen, but Letters generally don´t get stolen. I honestly think it is the former. Had a great valentines day here with Guerber. We didn´t even remember it until marking the date off the calendar last night haha.

Love you all,

Elder King

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