Monday, February 22, 2016

Week Four

Dear everybody,

So, this week was something pitiful as far as work, but I hold on to the hope that we will progress.

We had a family night with the Castro family and they invited some friends. They are new investigaters but unfortunately, they live in a different area. We will keep working with them until we can pass them along to the other ward and the other missionaries.

We contacted in La Linda and went looking for some old contacts. We talked to this crazy-ish guy named Climaco Duque, which is a weird name even for Colombia. He says he has no idea how or why he has the name, but he doesn´t really seem to care. He can´t read or right, so we are hoping to teach him more when his wife (or possibly just mistress) is there.

President Calderón came to the zone, so we spent five hours being trained and taught. It was really cool and very edifying. Next week, Elder Godoy is coming and we will all be going to Medellin for two or three days, so there we will miss out on a few days of proselyting but hopefully be edified completely and totally into everyone being better missionaries. But we´ll see.

We had a lesson with Beatriz, a less active, and her son Sebastian. They have been less actives since the sunday after they were baptized, so we are hoping to bring them back. We also gave them a blessing and she is super nice. Slightly crazy, but way nice. We had a ward family night and watched 17 Miracles. It always gets you thinking about the hardships they went through as pioneers. We had lunch with a really great family, but the father is less active after being a member 38 years and spending time as district president

The ZL's washer broke, so we have been searching for a different way to wash our clothes. We found a service that delivers the machine to your house for a few hours, and a few laundromats too. We ended up doing some wash in the sink in order to have clean clothes for Sunday. We had our English classes, but not many people showed up because it was raining really hard. It got so bad that it ripped of one of the churches skylights while we were there, so we spent the next few hours trying to keep the water from the wood flooring. It has been raining a lot and it is a lot more llike the Manizales I used to know.

Church was really good, which is a shame because no one we were working with came. The talks were good and a once less active member gave a great talk.

But yeah, two weeks left until transfers, less time until I´m nineteen years old. Weird to think about. I´m hoping to get stuff done this week, even with the last three days being taken.

Love you all,

Elder King
I saw a sign that said interstate 15 in a weird collector´s shop and it made me think of home.

See Elder Kings letter that didn't get sent from last week due to a server issue.

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