Monday, February 29, 2016

General Authority Visit

So, we only had one lesson with investigaters this week, but we did a lot of stuff with members and for the new house. Also, Thursday and Friday were spent traveling. So, with Elder Godoy, we had a super awesome devotional. He helped us figure out what we are missing in our work and helped us with our teaching skills. After socializing a bit with the other missionaries during lunch, we all got on a bus to head back to our own zones, but the leaders got to stay and had another meeting with him. Apparently he spoke quite frankly. 1 Cor 13:11 was a highlighted scripture and I´m very glad. He basically spoke with authority about all the things that have annoyed me about the mission and missionaries. I can only hope that his message was taken to heart. He was a great teacher and shared wonderful stories. He was funny, but also direct. I know the mission is changing for the better and I can only hope that this visit will be a catalyst to propel our progress. On a sad note, the store by our house stopped selling the super good orange juice I found, so it´s back to the weird boiled milk. Haha anyways, transfers are next week, so we´ll see how things go!

We have been doing our laundry by having a washing machine delivered to the apartment for a few hours.  No dryer, so often the clothes don't get very dry.

Lon, "Have  decided what you going to have for your birthday dinner?"
Elder King, "We are going to go make some tacos with some members"

Love you all,

√Člder King

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