Monday, March 7, 2016

Nineteen and Still Kicking

I know you are all dying to hear about transfers, but let´s talk about interesting stuff first.

So, we moved houses on Tuesday and Wednesday which included moving all the junk from both our houses to the new house, riding in the back of a truck trying to keep anything from falling out and just generally cleaning everything that careless missionaries have made messy over the years in these houses. It took a long time and we all became very tired. Actually that whole process included Thursday too. On Friday, we had an activity at the church, but not many people came because it was pouring outside. After words, we went to Carlos Lechona and tried some of their lu'au stuffed pig and some ribs. It was somewhat delicious. On Saturday, the ZL´s had a baptism and then we taught English classes. I found some honest-to-goodness Bisquick, so my wallet is empty but my stomach is full. Speaking of spending money, I realized that I remind myself of dad too much sometimes. I bought a pillow for $115,000 pesos last week and I have been sleeping amazingly since then. The other missionaries were bugging me about it until I let them try it out. They consider it a worthy purchase and are searching for their own now as well.

For my birthday, we made some tacos at a members house Saturday night and then had pancakes the next morning, but so far it´s been me buying treats for everyone else haha. I normally wouldn´t have a problem, but now I´ll be leaving all my stockpiled food here.

Speaking of leaving! For Transfers, I´m going to Monteria. Super hot, super humid, and best of all, super fast, nearly unintelligible Spanish. Sounds like a new adventure!! If I will be getting any mail or packages, I would think it will be this next transfer OR I will get it when I stay in Medellin on Tuesday night for the trip up to Monteria. I´ll get you the address of the new house so you can send stuff there and we´ll see if that works out. 

Love you all,

Élder King

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