Monday, February 8, 2016


We visited Katherine and we have a FHE planned with her and her family. We are struggling to find people to teach.

We had a lesson with Julio, a new guy I found last transfer. He is super rich, and super interested. Sounds like a good recipe to me! Zulma, a less active that we have been trying to contact for almost a month now wasn´t at her house when she said she would be, so the rest of our day was shot. We got a reference from the Family History missionaries that was a bust. We met some people from Colorado and had a short conversation with them. They are here teaching English classes and proofreading translated documents. I hope we run into them again, it would be cool to teach in English. 

Elder Guerber left some potatoes boiling the whole night, so all the laundry that was hanging up smells like potato smoke. I found out my he is also really afraid to tract, so we will be working on that these next weeks. We are doing what we can to fix the area up.

There was a branch FHE today, so we went and invited a bunch of less actives that didn´t end up coming, so almost a wasted day.

We had a lesson with Carolina, a new investigater that I have been trying to contact for almost two months. I don´t know if she will progress, but she has a friend who is a member, so we will see. We taught some english classes. We need to advertise better. We also had a lesson with Fernando, a reference from a member.

None of the investigaters came to church, but that could be because we forgot to remind them... But next week we expect something like five investigaters. We had a disembarco (don´t know in English, disembarkment or something) and we walked super far with a member just to not find the three people we were looking for.

So yeah, we are still trying to do better. I guess in every companionship you go through the phases of performance. We´re still in "storming." We get along, but we need to work harder and more efficiently. For those that don´t know, the phases go like this: Storming, Norming, and Performing. There may be one extra step I missed, but I´m pretty sure that´s it. I guess I still think like a scout.

Love you all,

√Člder King
Colombia meets Utah for breakfast
My mission manual after going through the wash...

My new pencil case shaped like a giant chocolate bar

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