Monday, January 25, 2016

Twas the Week Before Cambios (Changes)

Dear everyone,

We went looking for some less actives in La Francia, a part of the area I hadn´t yet seen. It´s kind of far and it´s basically the rich part of my area. All the addresses we had were nonexistent or they didn´t live there, but we did find one guy who at least was open to hear our message. We looked for other less actives as well as an old investigater, with no luck.

There was a worldwide conference for missionaries. Unfortunately, the chapel didn´t have internet. So we listened to it in AM radio quality. It probably would have been cool, but AM spanish isn´t a whole lot of fun to figure out. The branch moved counsel to saturday, so we went on exchanges to help the zone leaders out

Lunch fell through, and a basically all our other appointments too. Israel is sick and John is still in Pereira, Zulma was busy and yeah. I met a texan though. He didn´t want to talk for too long because I figure he knew who we are, but it was still nice to speak good English in the street. I figured out which made from coffee, that´s good for the future.
(I have no idea what this means, either Elder King's auto correct is bad or he is beginning to think in Spanish)

We looked for old investigaters again, with no luck. All our other plans slowly withered. Our phone is dying so people can´t hear us very well. I think it´s a facter but I don´t know.

We went to La Linda and had a lesson with John Edison Giraldo. I think the family has potential, especially him and his siblings. They are very nice and have taken the lessons quite well. We´ll see though, they always have a lot of questions but seem satisfied with our answers. We had branch counsel and we set goals and made plans for the year.

Church and then exchanges with the Zone Leaders again. We went to district counsel and then to an interview with a sister missionary that went super super long. It is always pretty cool being with the leaders, and I´m learning a lot about what it takes.

Concerning transfers, I´m staying here and Elder Pino is going to the coast in Sincelejo. My new comp is Elder Gerber. He is taller and larger than me, and I think this will be the only time in the mission that this kind of companionship will happen. At least for me. He trained one of the guys in my group. Also, I´m the "English Leader" of the zone. Super important. Basically I get to bother all the latinos about learning English because they never do it. But they´ll be fluent by the time I´m out of here, that´s for sure.

So yeah, we´ll see how the future of chipre is with two Northies.

Love you all,

Élder King

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