Monday, January 11, 2016

Las Ferias

Dear everyone,
Surprisingly enough, we had some progress this week Haha.

We had a great lesson with Marina again. She accepted a date to be baptized and told us about more crazy dreams she has had. We decided she is either crazy or super spiritual. Possibly both, but I figure with proper interpretation they could have significance in her life. Well, more so. Honestly, I felt like she just needs someone to talk to about this kind of stuff. The festivals get crazier and crazier

More unsuccessful contacting. Never much fun, but hey. A lesson with the Vargas family. They aren´t really progressing too much, but we´ll see after the festivals. That was their excuse not to come to church, so I don´t know. Brother Nelson challenged me to a game of chess. I won. I hope their family will realize the importance of coming to church and respecting the sabbath

The zone has a killer cold going around and it basically wiped us out today. Didn´t help much that we didn´t plan and everyone of our investigaters went to the festivals. The festivals were crazy so we ended up in the house the whole day

We had a lesson with Marina and her son Jason was visiting again. We found out he is actually a member and was baptized in Spain some fifteen years ago. It was a big surprise. He lives far away in a tiny town, but he is working on getting a new job and living somewhere else, so we´re hoping he´ll come back. The lesson went very well, no doubts as of yet, but always lots of good questions.

Our whole day was spent in and preparing for an activity for the institute and seminary people. We had a cultural activity where everyone made typical food. We made peanut butter sandwiches with some faky peanut butter the zone leader found, but everyone really liked it. Glad I didn´t offer my Jiff, or we would have a bunch of addicted Colombians haha.

Marina and Jason came to church!!! Wooot! So yeah, they came, and enjoyed it quite thoroughly. Jason is leaving again on Monday, so I probably won´t see the guy again, but there is always faith that we´ve set him back on track. We did some indexing today and I read up on my ancestry a bit. Always fun.

The festivals end today, but unfortunately work will not return to normal this week. The Zone and District leaders are  going to training this week, so I will be in a different area for 3 or 4 days this week. Lame, but the Zone leaders are putting me with a companionship that is a couple of goofballs. It feels good to be trusted, as I´ll basically be there to see what it is they´re doing instead of work, but I don´t think I´ll enjoy it too much. A bunch of Pitiadores as we say here.

Anyway, Thanks for all the emails,

√Člder King

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