Monday, January 18, 2016

Another Crazy One

Hi yall

So Tuesday
My comp spent the day prepping for the conference and we helped the zone leaders out with some errands. It took the whole day really, kinda lame

We started the companionship interchanges and the apartment in Alhambra is really cold in the morning and really hot any time after that. The weather has actually been really hot lately and  some people are saying we are in "el niño. All but one of the appointments we had fell through and we walked from one end of the area to the other and back again. Almost twice. Lunch made me feel nauseas the whole day and the elders in this area are a tad racist. Kind of annoying, but whatever.

We spent most of the day in my area and contacted some new people. Kind of exciting, I guess we´ll see how they turn out. We had a lesson with the vargas family and as usual brother nelson has some weird ideas about how things work. Elder M talks way too much, which is good for contacting but not for teaching, especially people like Nelson Vargas. We had planned to talk about tithing but Elder M decided we would talk about the temple. I learned Bro Nelson doesn´t understand ordinances, and because he hasn´t read the jst, thinks we don´t have agency. Lots of explaining to do...

We didn´t have lunch with any members, so we ended up buying fried chicken from the local store. They bought two half-chickens, leaving only a full fried chicken left to buy. It was cheap so I bought it. Fried chicken makes you sick anywhere, turns out. But when I say sick I just mean walking around an unfamiliar area becomes very dull very quickly. But, since their appointments fell through (again) We went to a members house and had really, really bitter lemonade until around four when my companion got back. Me and my companion cleaned up our house because him and the other district leaders basically had a party at our house before they left. They used all my butter and vegetable oil, which bothered me. They obviously didn´t read the scripture I have posted on the fridge (Col 2: 21)

 We talked with Jason (Marina´s son) and he is a bit lost in his life. He knows more or less what he wants to do, but he seems scared of commitment. We contacted unsuccessfully for a good while and then tried to find a less active lady. We had the wrong address, but we did call her and we have an appointment for next week.

We had church, and as usual, no one showed up. We had a lesson with John Eder, an old investigater that we rediscovered. He seems excited and receptive, so we´ll see how things go. I went with Elder Crandall (zone leader) to a disembark activity (I don´t really know what you´d call it in English) while Elder Pino and Cañumil taught a reference in our area. Then, at the activity, Elder Crandall left me with  Elder L, who is really annoying and still doesn´t know how to be a missionary, much less follow directions to a less active´s house. But anyway. When Elder Crandall and I got back from the activity, our companions were teaching a new investigater in the middle of nowhere. They had to walk back because they were so far out that they couldn´t find taxis nor buses. They walked for a bit over two hours, poor guys.

So Yeah, that was the week. Transfers next week, and I figure either me or my companion will be transferred, but we will see. I will officially have completed my training by then and I will also have been out just over four months. Time flies when you have a bunch of people pretending to want to get baptized haha.

Love you all,

Élder King

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