Monday, January 4, 2016

The New Year

I was in an intercambio with Elder Apaza, and all but one of our appointments fell through, so we did some contacting and had a mini lesson with Horacio. He is cool and has a lot of respect for religion and studies them a lot. He is obviously confused on points of doctrine. He is a funny but respectful guy. Later we had a lesson with the Vargas family about the plan of salvation. Brother Nelson Vargas basically told us that he knows everything and we are only there to teach his kids. His kids need it a lot, but mostly because He doesn´t know it well enough to teach it. But whatever, pride and all that fun stuff.

We contacted for most of the day and had zero success. We went to ward council and afterwards went and looked at a new house with the zone leaders. We slept at their house.

We spent the whole day with the zone leaders. A lot of errands and preparation for the night. I learned that Colombian food tastes worse when you are tasting it for the second time that day... anyway we had tacos and Elder Crandall made it spicy so none of the latinos could handle it. The new year was fun. We stayed up too late, mostly because the streets outside were exploding the whole night and everyone had their music up super high.

The streets were full of drunk and hungover people so we spent the day at the district center chapel setting goals for the new year and stuff like that.

The festivals started so we helped the branch president clean the chapel. I honestly can´t remember what else happened.

None of the investigaters or less actives came to church but we had another lesson with Marina and her family. She doesn´t come because she is sick a lot and so we gave her a blessing and had a spiritual lesson with her. We went back to the house early and studied because the streets were getting crazy. They have a bunch of tent things set up that are basically mobile party rooms where people just go get drunk and dance to crazy music. The air is filled with smoke from all the street vendors cooking and cars can´t move because everyone is in the streets. Just a brief description.

Anyway, hopefully we can have some success even with the constant partying for the next two weeks. I may not respond to everyone, but I do read everything, so don´t let anybody get discouraged by me not responding. Love you all

Elder King

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