Friday, January 1, 2016


We went to La Linda and had two lessons. Hermana Estella and Hermana Marina. They both had almost all their families there, so we got to teach a good deal of people. We also had a lesson with the Vargas family.

The day of Christmas eve and we had a ton of errands to run. They took longer than we thought and were far from our house, so we didn´t get any lessons in. We had to be in the house by 6 so we went and partied a bit at the zone leaders house with the rest of our zone. It was pretty fun, and fireworks started going off at midnight as well as our neighbors music, so We didn´t get much sleep

In the morning, my companion and I as well as two other missionaries helped the Vargas family move. Made me super tired the rest of the day. Got to chat with the fam (not without interruptions). Some of the hermanas are annoying. Everyone else is super trunky and it bothers me.

Tatiana wasn´t answering her phone so we missed out on our lesson with her. Later we found out she has a different number, so we are trying to find her again. We had another lesson with Marina and we gave her a book of Mormon. She´s more or less progressing  but didn´t come to church. The lesson was super spiritual and my companion got choked up. We waited for a few hours for the branch council, but I think everyone forgot, because no one showed up.

The Vargas family came to church, but no one else that we were working with. Lunch ran really late, but it always does with this lady. My companion talked to his family today and he went for almost two hours and the connection was bad. The power actually went out at one point for about 3 minutes. He was freaking out a bit. Then we had a "lesson" with the Zamora family, but at this point they barely give us the time of day. We probably won´t visit them again unless they show up to church.

So, yeah, that was this week. Holiday weeks are really hard because colombians like to party. We won´t be able to work in our area for almost all of January because the bull fights are starting and those parties are craaaazy. So not sure what we´ll end up doing.

Any questions or anything for me?

So, I found out quite by accident yesterday that they actually have a meal called Elevensies in Chile. I just about choked on my avocado and tomato juice.

Anyway, Love you all

√Člder King

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