Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A New Epoch

Dear family and friends,
Here´s the update

I spent the day with the zone leader as we are both waiting for our companions. They are both coming from the coast so they will get here on wednesday. We ran a bunch of errands and I spent some time with the missionaries of Alhambra. We only had one lesson in four hours but it was a good lesson.

My companion didn´t arrive until about 5 in the afternoon, so I just ran more errands and looked for a new house again. Then we had more errands with the zone leaders that night.

First day with the Elder Pino. He is from chile and only has four months left of his mission. He´s pretty cool and has been studying english a lot. His first companion was British. He was a zone leader in the coast right before he came to Manizales and before that he was the financial secretary for nine months. He´s very obedient and I can be normal around him. We tried to get an appointment with Tatiana and ended up setting it for Saturday. We visited Katherine and a few other things I don´t quite remember

Again, lots of our appointments fell through and we had to run some errands as well, so not much to report. We spent a good deal of time practicing for the multi zone Christmas Conference in Pereira.

Was crazy. We spent the first half of the day in La Linda and then we went to our appointment with Tatiana, which are quite literally on opposite ends of our area. She didn´t answer her phone and didn´t show up, but that´s a pretty normal thing, so we ended searching for a costume for the Christmas activity for an hour. At six until the day was over we had the Night in Bethlehem at the chapel and it was pretty cool. They had me be a roman centurion because I´m gigantic (comparatively) but the costume was tiny that we found. If I can find a picture I´ll send it.

It was the primary program in church and they probably sang better than the congregation usually does. We spent some time with the Castro family and tracted the rest of the time. Nothing to report there either.

Multi zone conference in Pereira and the reason I´m writing to you all on a tuesday. I love spending time with the President and he is really funny and just awesome overall. I talked to some of the other new guys from my group and one of them has been in the hospital three times. Yikes! Thankfully I haven´t been sick at all really. Our zone won all the competitions  and I got packages today and I hear tomorrow we get pouch mail but it could just be a rumor. Our new zone leader is cool, but I´m going to miss the one that left.

So yeah! This next week will be even crazier and I really don´t have much information on the whole skype thing. I´ll try to figure it out as best I can, and I´m still planning for Christmas day.

Anyway, talk to you later this week

Élder King

P.S. Si tienen algunas preguntas, dudas, chistes, chismes, o chiclets, let me know

(if you have any questions, concerns , jokes , gossip , or chewing gum)

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