Monday, December 14, 2015

Cambios (Changes)

Good news for the future, but the week was mas o menos

We contacted some people in a street store after taking the whole morning to ditch our old armoir. We visited Cristian the barber´s house and met with his family. They´re pretty cool, hopefully we can get them the gospel
After spending the night at the house of the Elders of Alhambra, we went to grab a new armoir that didn't even fit up the stairs. My companion didn´t get dressed for the mission until after lunch. We used up most of our money on transportation for ourselves and for the dresser thing. I don´t know why we are moving it now, because we don´t even have our new apartment yet, but whatever. We had a lesson with Katerine.

We had a lesson with Adrian today and he really wants to change his life. The problem is, he is too lazy to do anything so he doesn´t progress. He doesn´t want to get up for church and he doesn´t seem to understand that the gospel will help him with his drug problems. Oh, a cool miracle too. So, I had lost my wallet about a week ago and turned the apartment upside down looking for it. Not enough to be sure it wasn´t there, but quite thoroughly. I looked in the pockets of all my pants at least three times. Well, when I put my pants on in the morning, there was my wallet, in the pocket that I had searched multiple times. And both me and my comp were about out of money too.

We had a lesson with a less active family, The Rosas, and their blind friend. It was pretty cool and afterwords the blind guy (I don´t remember his name) played the guitar and sang for us. He´s crazy good and plays classical spanish music. We had a lesson with Carol. She´s new but she´s going out of town until next year. I almost got her a Book of Mormon as some travel reading material, but neither me nor my companion had one. Some scout I am! I left my book for giving on my desk, so shame shame.

We went to La Linda in the morning and taught a family that we met earlier. They are all pretty cool, but so far only two of them are very receptive, and mostly just the mom. One of the sons of the house is receptive, but he is also bisexual, so that complicates things a bit. But they all have potential. They gave us lunch too. first time eating fish here, and everything smells like tuna. They´re probably the richest family we´ve come across. They have a car and two motorscooters and a pretty nice house. Mauricio, the son, is a world traveler and speaks Mandarin and French. We also had a lesson with Tatiana and she still thinks she needs to be perfect to be baptized, but she has goals of things she wants to change so hopefully she will be in these next 6 weeks

Church was church. In priesthood they talked about becoming a stake and what the members need to do. Apparently the men of the area have a hard time paying tithing and that´s what´s keeping them from becoming a stake. I heard they will be breaking ground for a temple in Baranquilla in February and that´s exciting for everyone around here. We visited a less active member/retired Mormon and his wife and talked with them for something like five hours, so our plans were shot.

And today, we found out about transfers! "drumroll" I´m staying here and my companion is going to the coast! whooooooo and all that. My new companion is Elder Pina. I haven´t seen him yet and probably won´t until Wednesday or Thursday. Apparently he is short, some say he is strict, he has been a zone leader and in the office so I´m sure he has discipline sufficient to actually help me out. I´m pretty stoked. It really doesn´t feel like Christmas around here despite all the lights. As far as skyping, according to the email I just got we can do it any day from the 15th to the first of January. For now, let´s plan for Christmas day, but I´ll have to talk to my new companion about it when he gets here. I´ll let you know by the 21st hopefully.

Love ya´ll peoples, have fun in the cold

√Člder King

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