Monday, December 7, 2015

Our plans were completely shot, so we just contacted the whole day with no success. We went to the park of the founders and met a guy there who is basically a golden investigator, were it not for the fact that he basically works 24/7. We gave him a Book of Mormon, so with any luck he´ll find some time to make it.

The usual problems with our plans. We had a lesson with Tatiana though, and it was pretty awesome. She accepted tithing and fast offerings characteristically well. She basically accepts everything really quick because she just feels it´s true. She has the spirit pretty strong with her. We met the same dude from the park AGAIN. He read the fast and tithing pamphlet while we stood talking to him and he kept saying how wonderful and beautiful our message is. He asked us what time church was, and we told him. He was pretty disappointed that he couldn´t come to any of the meetings and asked us if there was any other time we had church. Yet my companion didn´t seem to want to give him the time of day. sigh... I hope we can meet him again and try and set an appointment. 

We had a lesson with Adrian, but everything else was lame. We never plan for travel time so we´re late to lots of stuff. Not that it matters for my companion since most of our plans fall through. Started an interchange with the zone leaders and we stayed up late talking. He´s a twenty-six year old Argentinian and he´s pretty sweet.

We had high hopes for today, but none of the four potential investigators could make it to their appointments and we had to move the plans around a bit so we could teach Tatiana the Law of Chastity. It was a great lesson, accepted without a doubt and now we just have to get her some confidence so she can be baptized. She knows all she needs to, but she lives far from the church and she has a neighbor who got baptized and went inactive really quick, so she is afraid of that. We had a lesson with Katherine and her family. She´s less active, don´t know if I´ve told you about her. She has a little chunky baby that´s pretty much adorable, so yeah. Also, on a sad note, we found out that Gladys Ramirez died this last Wednesday. That was pretty hard for me.

Today we spent the whole day in La Linda contacting. It´s part of our area that´s way far out, so they don´t see the missionaries much. We got a ton of contacts, so hopefully some new investigators there. About halfway through the day we went to contact a house and the lady who lived there was asleep on her couch. She woke up and immediately went and started throwing up. She was in a ton of pain, so we stuck around and tried to help as best we could. My companion was kind of freaking out. Her daughters called their older sister and she showed up and helped out too. We went and got her some medicine for gastritis, so hopefully it helps. Good news, we got another family to contact, bad news, it shook my companion and he didn´t want to do anything for the rest of the day. It wasn´t even that bad, but I guess he´s never been in a situation where he had to do stuff like that. 

La Linda

A little friend in La Linda

Church was church, testimony meeting has its fair share of long winded people, but hey, can´t complain. The Vargas family showed up again and that was nice. We talked with them after church and they´re kind of weird, but in a good way. They celebrate Christmas but don´t like the idea that there is just one day to give gifts to people and be together in a family. And he´s kind of right, but he kind of ignored the whole "birth of Christ" part of Christmas, so he´s missing the point just a bit. We talked with a new investigator Carol and shared our Christmas message. Then we didn´t really do anything until the devotional. 

So this week was a bit of a flop, but I guess as long as I learned from it it wasn´t completely wasted.

Love ya´ll

√Člder King
Breakfast-not at Tiffany's

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