Monday, November 30, 2015

Well, it was a lame/crazy week.

Well, we made plans and then nothing happened all day. Our first appointment wasn´t there and on our way to the second appointment, the zone leaders changed the time of our apartment inspection, so the rest of our plans were shot. So yeah, kinda lame.

We finally contacted an ancient investigater named Jhon Eder. He´s pretty cool, and we´ll probably teach him a bit more in the coming weeks. We had an appointment with Kevin, and he´s doing alright. It´s hard for him to make it to church because his parents are divorced and he is only in the neighborhood every other week. Our plans were frustrated once again as the zone leaders told us to go to the city center and buy cleaning chemicals and a new shower. So I carried a shower up a hill, that was cool. Well, it sounds cool, but the whole shower mechanism is in the showerhead, so I carried that. Then elder Ampuño locked the keys in the apartment, so we had to find a ladder and spiderman to get them back. Then on our way to what was left of our plans, his glasses broke, so we went to the Zamora´s house to fix them. They have a bunch of little tools for that kind of thing. I think we ended up watching star wars, but I can´t remember.

We had interviews with the President today. He basically told me that I will be training my trainer in the fine arts of punctuality and planning. My "forte" most definitely. Again all our plans fell through. Big surprise. But hey, the President is really cool.

We had a lesson with Tatiana today, and as we were starting, my companion told everyone I would be teaching. Well, it was news to me, so we had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom instead of the Law of Chastity. Mostly because I was just trying to teach lesson four. She thankfully doesn´t have any problems with it. We had a lesson with Adrian too, and he is progressing somewhat. He has been reading a bunch and says the book of mormon is changing his life. We are going to help him this week with his addictions. Everything else was shot that day.

Well, my companion locked the keys in the apartment again, and the Vargas Family wasn´t home, so we contacted the whole day with Juan Pablo Zamora. He is the spiderman that gets our keys for us when my companion locks them in. But hey, cool experience. Earlier that morning I thought I should leave the window open, so it was a lot easier to get in once we found a ladder. After we got our key, we went and made 4 copies. Mostly because I told my companion I would take his key priveliges if we didn´t haha. But for 4 hours of contacting, we were "extremely successful" Three people decided they would listen to us for longer than a few seconds, and two of those three agreed to let us come back. So, you know, not a super discouraging day haha

Church first. I kind of let my mind wander, so I got nothing out of the meetings. But Tatiana came today, and as far as I can tell, we didn´t even invite her. Later we had a family home evening with the Galvis family. I´m pretty sure he is the mission leader for the branch. Felt the spirit pretty strong when I was sharing stuff in spanish, and then we talked with Tatiana afterwards about baptism. More spirit, and hopefully she will be baptized this coming week.

Yeah, that was this week. Pretty lame, but next week will be better. My companion and I are already getting better. We had a late weekly planning last night and it was probably the best planning session we have had so far. So with luck, we´ll have more success this next week. I guess luck and work.

Festivities for Christmas here are tremendous. I feel like it will be a month long celebration. I probably could see the big dipper, but my area of Manizales is pretty much the inner city, so I generally  don´t see any stars. If you think 60 degrees is cold, then, yeah, that´s the coldest it gets. It´s cold when it rains and hot when there is sun, so that´s the seasons here. People always ask me if it is cold where I´m from. I just have to say, well, it depends. Transfers will be on the 14th, and my companion says you generally stay in your first area for six months, so yeah, we shall see. The whole town gets decorated, and it´s almost all nativity stuff. They´re really into the Virgin Mary down here, so yup. They started decorating last week and I see more and more lights every day.

So adios and all that

Elder King

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