Monday, November 23, 2015

View of Manizales

Well, I don´t remember everything that happened this week, but here goes

Most of our stuff fell through, I went on splits with Jacobo. We talked with some less active members in the center of town. My comp went and talked to Tatiana with some other members. I bought some apple juice and I´m slowly finding all I need to make tacos

Another day of messed up plans. I don´t even remember who we visited

I had an interchange with Elder Pacaya. He´s pretty trunky, so he isn´t much help. We contacted most of the day and gave a blessing to Gladys. She is a less active lady/recent convert. She called us out of the blue and asked us to come over. She´s practically an empty nester and is home alone most of the day. She recently had surgery and is in a lot of pain. I was glad to visit her. Elder Pacaya then used up all the minutes on our phone by calling every person in our area book. He found a few people willing to talk to the missionaries again, some who haven´t for two years now. We haven´t contacted any of them yet, but I have hope

We had fried ice cream with the zamora family and visited Cristian, a new investigater. He seems genuinely interested, but we were kind of just getting to know him this time.

We visited Kevin, a recent convert/less active. He is an eleven year old kid living in the scary part of town. We went to a talent show in alta suiza and us elders formed a makeshift table for a skit. Great workout. Tatiana came with us. The power was out so the president of the branch (actually they are branches here, sorry about that miscommunication) had to keep fixing a generater they had.

None of the people we were working with showed up to church, but we had a pleasant surprise of Hermano Vargas and his kids showing up. They attended all the meetings and we visited them later that day. We had to explain to him a bit about family history and temple work as the lesson in gospel doctrine was the last lesson Exaltation. The teacher focused it on temple work because this last week the members travelled to Bogota to go to the temple. Everybody was pretty grateful today during church. We visited Gladys to see how she was doing. We contacted for a bit and found three different homes that would like to hear about the gospel. One of them invited us in and we taught a brief lesson to them and to their visitors. The lady offered us some coffee so we had to quickly give a brief overview of the word of Wisdom. They seemed pretty interested and I hope that we will have some success with them. Everyone thinks it´s cool that I have blond hair and some refer to blondes cordially as mono´s or capuchi. Which means monkey, and I don´t quite get that, because I didn´t think many monkeys were blonde, but apparently here they are
Amy-"I can see the resemblance"

So yeah, yesterday was eventful, but other than that, We´ve got some improving to do! I´m hoping to buy a cool looking guitar I found. Travel size, green with a leaf pattern, and it´s about $35 US Dollars. Gonna do some touring today if I can move my companion

Bogota from the air
First glimpse of Medellin. It´s basically like what you would get if you mixed Utah and Florida

My companion and apartment

Love you all family!

Elder King 

Amy needs to figure out how to place the pictures better.  Anyone have some blogging tips?

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