Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Again

Elder King was emailing near this place

Here are some google images of Manizales 

Soooo, I don´t actually remember what happened last Tuesday, this week has been a bit crazy.

My bet is we visited some families, but I´m not so sure.

Wednesday was probably one of the lamest of my mission. All our appointments fell through, so we ate lunch at our house and my companion took a nap in prep for his impending trip to the mission home for training. I went on splits with the Alta Suiza missionaries

Thursday I had the first day of splits with Elders Wadley and Pacaya. Wadley is from Utah and we became pretty good friends. His comp. is really trunky and doesn´t really teach for the needs of the people. We visited some families way out in the boonies. Nothing too major, I fell asleep during lunch. How terrible of me! The food continues to be ridiculous, but surprisingly I look forward to the rice just because at least it has no taste instead of a terrible one. Anyway, I´ve been sleeping on the floor on a paper thin mat for a bit at this point, and Alta Suiza has the worst hills.

Friday We went to visit an investigator with a baptismal date and he was smoking while waiting for a haircut, so he´s got a bit more time before he can be baptized. There was a parrot that was making monkey sounds, that was pretty cool. We visited the Morales family, and I love those people to pieces. I didn´t catch many of their names, but the Grandpa can´t leave his bed and is always really sad because all he does is sit in bed and think about all his dead relatives and his wife. We´ve been doing our best to comfort him. Jorge is the little guy, about ten years old, and we´re best buds now.

Saturday for about half the day I was with the Altasuizans and then my comp got back from training. I guess the president is a good teacher, because he´s inspired to the work. Finally. This week we actually have a plan and we may actually start getting stuff done. I´m glad, because now the mission might actually be as difficult as they say it is. Haha anyway, the Lord has been blessing me in my Spanish, and in many many other ways.

Sunday  Church was good, We didn´t really have much else, but the members of the ward like me. One kid asked to have a picture with me because I´m three times his size, and that was cute. When the people don´t speak like lightning or use words I´ve never heard, I understand them quite well now. I´ve been missing my weekly nap in sacrament haha but no matter.

I got your package. I had forgotten that food could make a person happy, but now I know what true joy is. If you are wondering what an arepa tastes like, imagine the salted corn thingies as pancakes, without the salt or the canola oil. Haha but I´m definitely going to have to smell the jiff packages when I open em. Thanks so much! It honestly feels like Christmas. I don´t know how long it takes to get to the mission home, but we get our packages whenever there is a transfer or the zone leaders go to the mission home.

Thanks for everything fam,

Elder King

p.s. don´t send pictures of the truck. C.J. is a priest now, and I don´t want to know. :P

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