Monday, January 30, 2017

The Spirit

Dear everyone,

Just an overall statement to start out: The Spirit is very, very important in our lives. Don't ever miss out on a prompting or a chance to repent so that the spirit can be a larger part of your life.

Speaking of which, cool little prompting I had this last tuesday. Last week the office sent us to get some papers so that an investigator in another area could get married. It would require almost a whole day of work. Tuesday we had a lot of appointments planned because we did divisions that day with the Elders from Montelibano. In the morning, all the appointments for my half of the work day cancelled. I will admit, I really wanted the adventure of spending the whole day travelling to get papers from a small town, but I felt like I had a responsibility to work with the other elder, "show him the ropes" as it were. That's part of what I do as District leader, just to give better context. 
So I sent my companion and Elder Norrell to go get the papers. I gave the the permission forms the office sent me and sent them on their way. Me and the other elder had a great day of work and found a number of new investigators. Turns out the permission form was in Elder Norrell's name and I wouldn't have been able to get the register had I gone, so we would have completely wasted the whole day. Often times we don't recognize the prompting in the moment, but  all that is good comes from God. Do what is right and you won't ever go wrong (crazy that one)

Anyway, that's my story for this week. Next week are transfers, I don't think we'll see any changes, but if I don't get to write Monday it means I'm on a long bus ride.

Love you all,

Elder King
My companion Elder Mischa.  I thought the license plate was funny.

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