Monday, January 9, 2017

Not So Freezing Rain

Dear everyone,

It rained the other day, and it was quite refreshing. I have kind of forgotten what it feels like to be really cold, but if it makes you all feel better, I had to turn the fan off at five because it dropped below 80 last night.

This week was crazy with two exchanges and a baptismal interview to boot. A lot of travelling back and forth. From the looks of things, the next few weeks will include much of the same. We have been working with a lot of new investigaters and we hope to see some progress after the parties calm down. Most people are out of town or planning their last vacation before school starts again, so the work has been slow. The best prospect we have at the moment is Leonela, who has had three lessons in this week alone and has already begun to study the Book of Mormon. The only drawback is that while she is progressing tremendously in her conversion, she will be going back to Bogota to study, so she will most likely end up being baptized there when she decides to. Kind of sad for me, but it has been wonderful working with someone who shows real interest in the message we share.

I hope that we can start contacting more this week, but we will see how things go. President should be coming next week and it'll be great to talk to him after a good four months.

Hope you are all well and that the weathermen treat you with more fairness.


Elder King

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