Monday, January 2, 2017

Nose to the Grindstone

Dear Everyone,

I'm pleased to inform you that we are working hard. Just goes to show that a change in attitude can go a long way. Elder Mischa is pretty cool. He doesn't have much time in the mission, so he has a bit to learn as far as teaching goes, but he works with me so we are making some progress.

Leonardo is reading well, but still struggles with his drug problem. We went to sleep really early new years because my companion has a cold and it was just us two anyway. The rest of Planeta was celebrating a lot. Most everything is still closed. We have been contacting a lot of people and we got the most new investigators than any other companionship in the zone. We're pretty much amazing.

I hope you are all recovering well from staying up late, and Happy New Year! Everyone should have the goal to make the Savior a bigger part of their life and to share this wonderful message with others. There are so many people who are still lost in the darkness of apostasy. Help them see the light.


Elder King

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