Monday, January 23, 2017

An Efectual and Continual Struggle

Dear everyone,

This week had lots of ups and downs. We lost a couple investigators, found some more and saw struggles and miracles. While walking down a street we never use a lady called out to us and told us that her son is a missionary and that we are welcome in her house whenever. We stopped by a few days later with our mission leader and she was there with her companion (her name is Edith, his Manuel). We talked and she gave us a bit to eat. They were both very receptive, and even gave us a reference. Cool right? It gets better. Later we talked with Osnaider, our mission leader, about the visit. He said he knew the family, as well as their children, one of which is the forementioned missionary. Edith used to hate the church and the missionaries, generally insulting them along with other members of the church. The softening of her heart was the greatest miracle we saw this week, but there were quite a few others.

We had the opportunity to speak with President Calderon and had interviews. They were very brief, but in short he told me that my struggles and sufferings will make me into a better missionary and a better man. I am grateful the Lord sent that man as my mission president. I am grateful to be here, and I hope you can all make the Savior a bigger part of your lives. The spirit will comfort you as you do. I know because despite all the difficulties, I have been comforted and made better, step by step. 

On a less serious note, if you are ever called to give a talk three minutes before sacrament starts, just open the Book of Mormon and look for a verse about the atonement. That's more or less what I did yesterday. I also saw a legitimate peacock for sale in the road on Saturday. I should have taken a picture but oh well. Also, when CosteƱos drink a lot, they all become Trump supporters.

Have a great week, Love you all

Elder King

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