Monday, May 1, 2017

Business as Usual

Dear Everyone,

Looks like me and Elder Steadman are going to be together another transfer! I'm pretty happy about it. Our district didn't have any transfers other than Elder Caicedo is going to his mission tomorrow. The limit changes are officially approved by the first presidency and our area got considerably smaller. Unfortunately Antony, the policeman from last week, isn't in our area anymore, but we get to keep the Balderama family. They will be getting baptized the 27th. We are going to have to work super hard to get new investigators this week, but the ward seems a lot more excited to work, seeing as we got multiple references this past sunday.

So I've been thinking about and studying repentance and forgiveness this week. I'm trying to learn to be more forgiving and as I do I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. I'm still pretty terrible, like when my roommates don't wash their dishes, the neighbors play music in study time, etc. etc. The small things seem to be the most unforgivable sometimes. But if we can't forgive, we can't be forgiven either. It's the difficult reality. Repentance without forgiveness wouldn't make much sense if the great Mediator was the one not willing to forgive. He is, but we need to be like him (at least as much as we are able) in order to recieve said forgiveness. As Amulek told Zeezrom, He will not and cannot save us in our sins. I'm making the conscious effort to retain a remission of sins, and I invite you all to do the same. That is the yoke of Christ, which is easy and the burden is light.

So today we went to the Arvi Park, a cool forest in our area. It was nice to walk around the mountains again. Fresh air and no worries. I definitely want to visit again if I can. Still waiting for my package, although I'm pretty sure it's already here in Medellin. Just waiting for the office people to go pick it up..... any day now....

Love you all,

√Člder King

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