Monday, February 27, 2017


Dear everyone,

In case you were wondering, patience without diligence doesn't work out. You can be as patient as you like, but if you don't work towards a goal, you won't ever get there. Passage of time does not equal progress, but hard work and the grace of God most definitely do.

Perhaps if we work hard this week, we'll have two baptisms in the next, but there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, most of which we created ourselves. We are struggling to find new people to teach and those that we have found are reluctant to keep commitments. In spite of all these many difficulties, I don't lose hope that things will get better. That's one thing that has kept me going for a long time now. Persistance is the key to long term success, and by persistantly repenting and self evaluation, we can become even as Christ is. Hope is the greatest gift that He has given us and if we lose it or fail to recognize its value, faith turns to fear, repentance turns to rebellion, and membership in the church becomes a burden instead of a peaceful and happy contrast to worldly chaos.

I don't really have any funny stories from this week, I'm just kind of trucking through challenges right now. It's really great to have the Lord on your side, or perhaps better said, to be on his side. It makes things a bit easier to deal with.

Love you all,

Elder King

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