Monday, February 20, 2017

The Plan

Dear everyone,

If there is one thing I need to learn right now, it's patience.

Things are going well here. Our investigators are doing well and we had six people show up to church this week! It would have been great had our goal not been eight... Kind of sad when people say they will go but then for some reason don't. My advice for this week is keep your commitments!

Elder Falabella's visit was great. I hadn't felt so good in a while. He talked with us about the doctrine of the plan of salvation and it was really humbling. He explained just how little we do for our salvation. Christ made it possible, only in and through him can we obtain it. All he asks is that we try to be like him and we do our best to try. He asked us "how many of you are going to pay for your sins the way he did?" And the answer is none of us. We can't pay for our own sins and still get into God's kingdom. He taught us about repentance, how many of us view it as a painful process. The pain we feel as we repent is merely natural consequence for sin. Joy is the feeling that comes from repentance and it is also what changes us.

On that subject, I had a really spiritual experience in taking the sacrament yesterday. I just felt as though through my efforts my past errors had been cleaned through the atonement. However, I know that I need to continue working hard or that remission of sins won't last long.

Fun fact: there are these cool little banana things that look like half-bananas and taste like apples. They are called "manzanos" around here, but I don't know if that's their real name.

Anyway, Love you all!

Elder King

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