Monday, May 23, 2016


Dear everyone,

This week, we have been working to ensure the total conversion of Duvan. He is still on track to be baptized this coming saturday and this week we will be doing what we can to get his step-father to agree to get married to the mother of these wonderful boys. It has been extra hot this week and my Companion has lost, to some degree, his motivation to keep working. This will be our last week together and his last week in the mission, and as such he finds it difficult to work in the heat of the day. However, I have hope that this next week will yield results, and even if not, fresh start with transfers next week! Eogenio seems to have stopped in his progress and that is worrisome. We haven't seen Lesyanis in a while.

Anyway, not much went on this week, not sure what next week will look like. The floor is really hard here. I don't think they use carpet at all in colombia. Flooring varies from dirt to tile, with differing levels of cement in between. Also, the best method to describe the heat that I have found is this: breathe on the back of your hand. Then, imagine that feeling on your entire body. This will be especially effective if you have not yet brushed your teeth today, as the air can be particularly smelly.

That's all for now, feel free to ask questions.


√Člder King

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