Monday, May 16, 2016

Busily Unproductive

Okay, I honestly don't remember if unproductive is a word or not. Maybe inproductive? Anyway, Hi Everyone!

So, this week consisted of lots of meetings, travel and sweat. Let's get started with the rundown:

We had a Zone conference that lasted the whole day, so we passed the time in Montería, doing lots of practices and listening to the current focus of the mission. We have completely changed the way we record our progress with investigators or less actives and it's going to be a tough change.

My companion had to go to Montería for some visa stuff, so he took Elder Vergara and they went off the whole day and left Elder Peterson and I to manage both our areas. We had a lesson with Duvan and with a family of investigaters in the other area. We had a meeting with the ward mission leader but ward council was moved to Sunday

We spent the day fixing up our white board, which consisted of scrubbing off permanent marker with hand sanitizer and a lot of elbow grease. Then meticulously drawing new lines and grids for the new format. It took almost all day, and we onlly had time to talk with Rafael, whose son david is set to be baptized this Saturday

We had a training meeting that lasted all day with President. We had to get up super early to get there on time and spending the whole day there learning, we retired late, completely exhausted.

We visited the Espitia family. Sister carmen started crying because she thinks that soon she won't be able to walk. We are about 100% sure she is exaggerating, because we see her walking to the town center and back, as well as doing tons of errands around her house. I am not quite sure what the problem is, but she doesn't seem to motivated to go to church, and making plans to go to the temple is "unthinkable." I guess it just frustrates me that she doesn't want blessings in her life. Everyone else we attempted to visit weren't home.

Duvan came to church, putting him on track to be baptized on the 28th. Pretty exciting for us! His brother will have to wait a bit more because he hasn't been able to come to church. Also, sister Radel came with her son and had an interview with the bishop, so she is on the path back to reactivation. Her husband is coming along as well, but he needs to have some interviews on the stake level since we are not sure if he is still the first counselor or not.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but my camera is out of charge and I seem to have misplaced the charger... I'm going to find a new chord today, so I'l have some more for you next week.

As far as some thoughts I have had recently, I have been thinking a lot about what makes people tick. Specifically that motivation ultimately has to come from within. A person can understand everything they must do to obtain whatever blessing they wish for, but still not comply for lack of motivation. Self motivation is what turns belief into faith, knowledge into wisdom, and sinners into saints.

Fun fact: open fans can also work as nail files when used properly

Love you all,

Élder King

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