Monday, May 9, 2016

Dear everyone,

A somewhat uneventful week as far as missionary work is concerned.

We went to see Nelson and his family. It was a great lesson, Nelson is studying the Book of Mormon in depth and he has already finished first Nephi. He had a bunch of questions about Isaiah chapters, which got interesting, but my companion had to do most of the answering. Isaiah and Spanish don't go well together. But his mom and brother both want to be baptized. His mom may be difficult to baptize because her companion doesn't really want to get married for whatever reason. We still have yet to talk to him. Duvan has a date for the 28th of this month. Duvan is 15 and seems just as interested as his brother. We really found a wonderful family.

I honestly can´t remember what went on. We need to find new people to teach. That's the moral of this week, because we visit everyone in a day or two then we don't have anyone to visit for a while. We will work on that this next week.

We taught the Espitia family a lesson, spent some time talking about their dog and chickens. Again. We found Kaoris selling patacones on a street corner with her mom (at least I think it's her mom) and talked with her for a while. Not a lesson, just a long chat. Then we dropped by Wendy, but we caught her as she was leaving, so we just ahad a little chat with her as well.

we went with a member to visit Nelson and his family, but he was the only one who was there, so we had a lesson with him. We discussed the priesthood, mentioned the mission a bit.

We had an appointment with fredy at the chapel, but our phone was freaking out, so we couldn't call anybody and just waited there to see if he would come. I guess he forgot or something like that. We did have a lesson with Eogenio and his wife, and it seems there problems have been a lot deeper than some offenses that have gone on. They feel neglected by the ward council, as they haven't gone to church in two months. He is the first council to the bishop, and as he is in the process of coming back to church, He is wondering where the support from the bishop and stake were for those two months. But we are doing what we can to work all this out. We really love this family and it has been sad to see them facing challenges like this.

We had a wonderful stake conference, Nelson's two brothers came with us and on the bus ride back, the younger brother, Cristian, also accepted a date for baptism, the same 28th as Duvan. If we teach this family well, It is very possible that the three brothers will go on to serve missions. It may just be a dream that Elder Hurtado and I have, but the Spirit will guide the honest in heart to the correct path and help them stay there, so our job always is to invite the spirit.

It was great talking with you family, especially you mom!
This week we will get a visit from our wonderful President and that always excites me.

Love you all,

√Člder King

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