Monday, April 11, 2016

It Never Rains but it Pours

On Tuesday we found ourselves catching up from the week before and visiting everyone who was home. We talked to Leydi and learned that Jacob will be coming back from Bogota. We still haven't seen him but I'm not very happy about his recent choices, so if we do end up talking to him again, it will probably be a call to repentance. We talked to Lesyanis who still has some reservations about being baptized. We aren't exactly sure what her problem is, but  it may just be she doesn't want to get baptized. Which would be sad, as well as frustrating. We had a family home evening with Carmen Causil and she is making great progress. She has been talking to the sister missionary who converted her through facebook and is studying the Book of Mormon in depth. We visited Kaoris for the first time as well. She is a less active 19 year old who basically doesn't go because she is lazy. We visited Dreysi again. She was being really vague about some new problem that had come up, but eventually told us she is pregnant. Which I had already figured out, but I'll just pat myself on the back and move on. She is working on getting married to her boyfriend who is in the army right now and won't be back for another three months or so.

We woke up early to go to Monterìa in the morning for our interviews with President. The training went overtime as usual, so the interviews were cut kind of short, but still aslways fun to have some one on one time with President Calderòn. We got home and Sister Calderòn had filled our fridge with fruits. Which would be great if it consisted of less papaya. And if Èlder Vergara hadn't drunk all the yogurt by the next morning. That was kind of sad as well. You know how I like yogurt, but it seems the other elder likes it more. Anyway, nice of the Hermana to try and help us eat healthy, it would be nice if we could afford to buy our own fruit. Looks like it's just cheerios from here on out.

We visited all the rest of our investigaters and less actives in one day and we exhausted ourselves in the process. First, the Espitia family who seem to think the missionaries need to come over and explain every doctrine in depth, which normally wouldn't bother me, but they live far away and we have a lot of people to visit. We then went to visit Eogenio, who is sick and has a mild form of asthma restricting him somewhat. We aren't sure if that is the only thing keeping him from coming to church, but it is his given reason. He asked for a blessing, so he isn't that far gone. We visited Nelson, currently our most promising investigater, and taught him about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. He's pretty gold, we just need a few more lessons, a bit more commitment and hopefully he will feel that baptism is the right thing for him. We then visited Lesyanis again. I think she wants us to help her friend/boyfriend Freddy out, because she is always asking us if we have visited him. I hope it's something so simple.

We didn't have anyone to visit after Kaoris so we walked around in the heat for a while before just retiring back to the house. We did go and visit Carmen Causil, but we didn't really teach a lesson.

somewhat similar to friday, Dreysi cancelled because she had a doctor's appointment and we found ourselves running errands and completing some paperwork for Elder Hurtado.

At church, our turnout was somewhat disappointing and the meetings were kind of weird. A new less active appeared and Freddy came without Lesyanis. His life and values make acceptance of church lifestyle somewhat difficult for him. After church, it rained for the first time since I got here. And the streets flooded in about thirty seconds, continuing in that condition until the rained stopped and then some. 

on a side note, it has also been raining mangos, in some cases quite literally. Everyone is giving away mangos, by the dozen. It honestly feels like zucchini season. We have something like twenty four mangos currently in our fridge. And none of us like mango very much. So we are trying to figure out who we can give it to.

Anyway, Love you all

Èlder King

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