Monday, April 25, 2016

a moth

Mango Agria con sal y pimenton (sour mango with salt and whatever pimenton is

Dear everyone,

There were a few days that we got rained out and I'm a bit foggy on which day everything happened, so I guess I'll just give a synopsis and hope some highlights find their way into my memory.

We taught Leidy the law of Chastity. Unfortunately Jacob was not available for the majority of the lesson because he was off with friends. When he finally did come back, he was headed off to a "job interview" With his new soccer shoes and without a shirt. I figure if you are going to lie to the missionaries, at least make it believable to my companion. He irks me in so many ways. We hope that he can mature enough to make the correct decisions so that Leidy at least can make commitments and get baptized. We dropped by Nelson's house a ton this week, but there was always something so we couldn't meet with him. He is still reading and he showed up to a church activity for the young men/ysa's without us even inviting him. We didn't even find out about it until saturday night. He didn't find his way to church on Sunday unfortunately, we're not sure exactly why yet. Come to think of it, none of the investigaters showed up, however we did get Kaoris and Luis, two less actives that have not gone to church in a good while now. Kaoris is progressing more than luis, but we are beginning to find luis's needs, which is pretty cool. We also have days that we can visit each of them, so we will actually be able to find them now.

A family has asked us to prepare their son david for baptism as he turned eight last month, so we will be working with them as well. They are wonderful people, one of the few sealed families I have had the privilege of meeting here. The other missionaries had another baptism this week, so we spent most of saturday prepping for that. She was sick and almost didn't come to church for her confirmation.

A somewhat uneventful, rainy/really hot week, but the mission life always has it's fair share of surprises. Keeps me on my toes you could say.

Anyway, I love you all, I pray for you, have a great week!

√Člder King
District meetings, Elder Petersen and Elder Vergara

Wet from Rain

Wet from sweat

A comic I thought dad would like.

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