Monday, April 18, 2016

All is Quiet in Cerete

Dear family and friends,

We began the week by spending Tuesday in Monterìa watching all of Saturday conference. I was able to watch it in English which was a great relief. It is always great to hear from our awesome Apostles.

Wednesday was somewhat complicated. Elder Hurtado had to do some Baptismal interviews because the District leader in Mocari, Elder Garrison, had to go to the clinic to get his blood drawn. So I went with Elder Garrison and spent most of the day there.

On Thursday, nobody was home. Like, nobody. It was really weird and we had no idea what to do. We walked around for a long time and sweated a lot. Then we ended up doing laundry, because we were out of clean clothes and had nothing else to do.

We visited Jacob and Leidy. We didn't really know what to say with the whole Jacob situation. But we talked with them for a while regardless. We then visited Nelson, inviting him to the multi stake conference. He has been reading a lot, I feel like he will get baptized if he keeps coming to church. Eogenio is still offended, it might be a while before he gets over it. It's a shame when people don't go to church because of something someone said in a moment of anger. We also dropped by Freddy's and he is actually pretty animated about the church right now. He hasn't drunk beer in a month and he is working on his smoking habits, so hopefully he will get baptized this transfer. Lesyanis wasn't home again. We went to the church to practice to participate in a ward choir. Which consisted of seven people, four of them being us missionaries.

Lunch went really late because the sisters of the ward are really chatty. We dropped by the Acosta's house and only the young daughter was there, so we tried lesyanis again. Again, nothing. We went to help with a youth activity and practice the choir again.

We had the multi stake conference which consisted of all the stakes in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Dallin H. Oaks and Robert D. Hales both spoke, which was super awesome, I didn't expect so much apostle in one month. Dallin H. Oaks gave his best attempt at Spanish, which was kind of funny to be honest. The Seventy leading the meeting also spoke really heavily accented spanish. I guess it's harder to learn a new language once you are older. Nelson and Lesyanis both came, which is awesome because they are the two investigaters closest to baptism. We had to go to Mocari for a bit, then we came back and the Assistants called to tell us about transfers. We had fun for about an hour before that, convincing Elder Vergara that they had already called and that he was getting transferred to sincelejo as a follow-up trainer. My comp kept it going until he started calling people in the ward and saying goodbye. No one actually got Transferred, so it is going to be six more weeks here with Elder Hurtado. Pretty fun, but I am going to have to break Elder Vergara's recorder (those really annoying flute/carnival prize things). He only plays hard rock songs, which just makes it worse.

So yeah, that's everything I can remember. Mother's day is around the corner, next week I'll have seven months away from home.

Love you all!

Èlder King

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