Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Conference Week

Dear family and friends,

I've got interestings stories from this week, but the consist completely of tuesday and wednesday`s activities. Just promise me you won't worry too much about the missionaries, when we are obedient, the Lord protects us.

So, on Tuesday we went to visit Leidy, try and cheer her up a bit, but she wasn't there. Instead, we found a large croud of people anxiously watching a drug dealer bust. We did what we could to keep away from the commotion and talked to a less active sister about what was going on. We went and tried to visit Lesyanis again, but it seems she hadn't gotten back from Medellin.

On Wednesday, Colombia played against Ecuador, so we couldn't leave the house until about five. We then went and taught Nelson Avila, invited him to conference and we are working with him so he can be baptized. He says he has his answer, so we are just making sure he knows what he is getting into. We then went and visited a recent convert/less active.  We were pretty far out, so we had to cut the visit short, especially since Colombia also played against the US that night, and I'm easily picked out as a "gringo."  

p.s. congrats to Preston for the temple in Quito, but a 3-1 game is kind of shameful... My companion is from quito so we were pretty excited about that new temple.

So, we weren't allowed to leave the house from Thursday until Sunday, so we missed a lot of proselyting time and all of Saturday conference. Kind of lame, but even more annoying is we ran out of minutes on the cell phone, so we had no contact with the members or investigaters unless they called us. It just makes it all the more miraculous that Nelson came to conference on Sunday and was very impressed with the messages. He says he has never heard a church that preaches so much peace. He is pretty much gold so far.
We weren't able to watch conference in English, so I got a huge headache translating hours of profound spanish, and that put me to sleep for a good portion of the afternoon session. I'll be watching the rest of the sessions today. If you have them, this week or next, I'd love to hear your favorite talks. Why they were your favorite, favorite quotes even, everything is appreciated. 

Love you all, don't worry, be happy and all that jazz,

Elder King
                                        My old zl's Elder Crandall, Elder Sanders, and me, celebrating my B-day

Elder Kind and Elder Hurtado

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