Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week One

So the first real email from Elder King was actually several because I had to keep asking him questions so my questions(Amy) will be in blue and Elder King's answers will be in black.

How was the flight and getting to the MTC.  Any funny stories or scary moments?Flight was cool, no incidents, luggage made it.
 Give us the name of your companion and where he is from. My companion is Elder Parker from central Utah. 
How many new missionaries arrived with you? 17 missionaries came with me
Have you been to the temple? temple is crazy in spanish,
 Do you feel tall?, I feel pretty tall, but not with the other ¨nortes¨
 What do you get to do on P-days? Pdays include temple and sports.
 How is the weather? weather is nice, rained for the first time today.
 What surprises you the most about the MTC?  About Colombia?Not many surprises.
 What have you been eating for breakfast?  Lunch?  Dinners? rice, rice rice. actually there is pretty good variety, too many to list.

About my week, I gave my first blessing, got called as district leader, have learned the most Spanish, and watched a devotional by Elder Bednar that has changed my life a little. I think it is called The Doctrine is the Answer.

Tell us more about the blessing and what it means to be a district leader.  Blessing was coolish. one of the hermanas in my district was sick and having a hard time, so we gave her a blessing. I´m in charge of half the missionaries in my batch. I conduct meetings and keep everyone in line.

 These pictures are of me and my roommates and a cafĂ© that I saw. (We kept teasing Elder King that he needs a picture with Juan Valdez.)
Well, I have to go pretty quick here. Talk to you on Tuesday. probably the same time, but I don´t know, so yeah.

That picture was from the airport. Everyone got panda express but me. the guy sitting next to me is Elder Parker, my current companion. Elder crist is next to him, the district leader of the other district of our generation.
The Parkers.  The Parker in the right of the picture is my Companion
Elder Medina (not in my room) Elder Chunga from Peru, Elder Roney from DC area, Elder Purtill from Nevada, and Elder Brand from Venezuela

The other district. Elder Hillam, Elder Dean, Elder Harris, Elder Hansen, Hermana Ashby, Hermana Church, Elder Delis, Elder Jenkins, Elder Crist.

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