Thursday, October 15, 2015


So, dear family and all that,
I don´t have much. This week has been a pretty easy week. Since the latino culture doesn´t love to plan stuff, a lot of the time we don´t know what´s going on. Meeting times get switched constantly, often at short  notice. So the lectures on planning are kind of hollow haha. But just remember, If you don´t plan, you are planning for the fail! One of my maestros wrote that on the board after he lectured us for 45 minutes, leaving us with about five of our usual thirty minutes to actually plan. I´ve spent $16000 at the distribution center so far. I got a recommend case that has a picture of the Bogota Temple on it, a little spanish hymn book, a card with the Scripture Mastery references in Spanish, a book with pretty much all of the church artwork, and a book about temples that has a bunch of pictures in it. Oh and a Proclamation to the family. All for about.... five US dollars. Next Tuesday we are going on Tour so I´ll probably spend some money there. I may get to take a picture on a llama, so I´m pretty stoked. I think I had something else, but I forgot, so I´ll email you again if I remember, but I have to respond to my man Wayne O´Monty now

Oh now I remember!. I started Jesus the Christ. I´m only about 400 pages in, but it´s pretty  much the coolest book I´ve read in a looong time. Can´t wait to see how it ends!

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