Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lucas the Llama

Elder Tellez with way too much sunscreen. For the most Latino looking of all of us, he is the most easily spotted tourist. His camera is about as big as Dad´s.
Then me, majestically sitting on lucas the llama. Surprisingly enough, not aliteration  in Spanish.

So, Dear Fam,
I can´t think of a whole lot that has been going on, but today we had our tour! All the people lucky enough to be getting out of here left at three in the morning, so I didn´t get much sleep last night. Then we had the temple (in EspaƱol again) and the tour that took up the rest of the day. We went to a monastary thing that basically overlooks ninety percent of Bogota. It reminds me a lot of the Salt Lake Valley, and it´s about as big by my reckoning. However, there is no lake and it is home to about Nine million people, so anywhere the lake would have been, there are houses upon houses. I don´t feel too far from home here, despite the fact that everything is in Spanish. Unfortunately, one of the few parts of Bogota we couldn´t see from our majestic lookout was the Temple. We went to a museum about gold today, and all I could think was ¨well, the Lamanites made that. And that. Oh, and that too. So, I´ve got this cool book...¨  and so on and so forth. We went shopping and everything seems like it costs sooo much, but really, it´s like twenty dollars. I made the mistake of not bringing much of my ¨vast wealth¨ so I didn´t get to buy a cool poncho or a gourd.  The poncho would make me look like either moses or the evil Emperor. So, a missed opportunity. So, anyway I´ll send you some pictures. Mom, do you think you could send Wayne some of my church music? I know he would appreciate it a ton. Also, I´d love an English copy of Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage. I don´t know how possible that is, but it´s something I´d love to read. Peanut butter too, but that may be wishful thinking... Anyway, yeah, only two more weeks and one more P Day in the CCM! pretty stoked to get into the ¨real world¨

With amor,
Elder King

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